5-Day Business Boost Challenge

Title: 5-Day Business Boost Challenge
5-Day Business Boost Challenge

Please note: The 5-Day Business Boost Challenge is currently unavailable as Facebook has changed their messenger bot rules. I’m working to find a different way to deliver the challenge to you! Stay tuned….

a good challenge.

I find it much easier to stay on task and to keep myself accountable when someone is challenging me with specific things to do for my business.

A good challenge helps you to focus on just 1 thing and it sets a deadline.  When I only have 1 day or 1 week to complete a single task, it sharpens my focus and I get hustling!

I like to run challenges or competitions in my team and now I’ve created the 5-Day Business Boost Challenge for you!

Are you ready to meet Daisy?

I’ve brought to life ‘Daisy’, my challenge chat bot. She’ll deliver your direct sales-related tasks (as well as tips and hints) via Facebook Messenger, so you won’t miss it in your daily flood of emails. You’ll get the messages at the same time each day so you know when your time is up for that particular challenge!

This challenge is for people who feel a bit stale in their direct sales or party plan business. It’s for direct sellers who need a little bit of extra focus and a little nudge. It’s also for those of us who like to challenge themselves and rise to the occasion.

The challenge covers a range of different aspects of your business and helps you to make real progress in that area. The challenge includes social media marketing, recruiting, party bookings, organization, and more.

If you commit to the challenge and complete each of the challenge tasks, you will level up your direct selling business.

When you’re floundering, you’re not alone

We all sometimes flounder in our business. It’s those times we know there are lots of things we could be doing but we just can’t get started or we can’t figure out what to do first…it all seems equally important. If this is you, rest assured that this happens to all of us from time to time.

But a great way to get out of this little dip in your road is to join the challenge. That way you can put all your focus in just the one thing for that day.  You can take one day at a time and really put your whole self in that one task for the day.

Can you imagine what you could accomplish if you just focused on one thing each day and put all your energy and focus on that one thing? What if you did that for five days straight?

The challenge isn’t hard to follow. Each day you’ll get tips and hints and, of course, your task for the day. All you need to do is read the articles, watch videos, print worksheets and do the work. I urge you to embrace the activities and make the most of each task.

When you make it to the last day, I’ll share my secret tool with you that has completely changed the way I work in my business. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in the challenge! Just hit the Messenger button below to get started.

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