Inspiration for Direct Sellers

This session is specifically designed for direct sellers and party plan consultants. It’s recommended that you start with a few minutes on a slow speed so you can take it in consciously. Then end with a minute on a high speed to send it straight to your subconscious to do some powerful work!


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About Christine Tylee

Christine Tylee is proof that you can not only aim for the moon and land on the moon, but with the right mindset, resilience, and determination you can go beyond what anybody thought was possible and over-shoot the moon.

Three years ago Christine was suddenly set into a spin with multiple strokes and doctors unsure if she would ever walk again. This came right on the heels of her young daughter battling leukemia. That journey through childhood cancer was difficult for the whole family but also taught her life and business lessons that she uses today.

Fast forward to now and it’s not just that Christine can walk and her daughter is in full remission, but they’re both karate champions. And to top it off, Christine grew her multi-million dollar direct selling business throughout the whole ordeal and now turns her attention to how she can assist others to thrive and find true independence.