They Laughed When I Said I Was Going Back into Direct Sales

They Laughed When I Said I Was Going Back into Direct Sales

When The Body Shop at Home closed, my journey led me to Urban Retreat. In just the first month, we achieved over a quarter of a million dollars in sales with a team of over 650 people using 3 secret strategies that most people aren’t using.

So, they laughed when I said I was going back into direct sales, but my success blew them away. And now, it’s your turn to prove the doubters wrong and achieve your own version of success.

Ready to prove them wrong?!

Strategies That Defy Conventions

My success is founded on three core strategies that many direct sellers overlook. These aren’t about mastering social media or becoming a public speaking guru, but rather about focusing on the right aspects of the business.

A Business Model for Everyone

What’s most compelling about my approach is that it’s inclusive. You don’t need to be a social media expert or a gifted orator. Whether you’re looking for a major career shift or just a side hustle, the principles apply universally. They are especially potent for those who need a flexible yet profitable business model, like when I ran my business from a hospital room while my daughter battled leukemia.

Now, I’m sharing the game-changing strategies with you.

Applying these strategies to my own business has made all the difference.

Watch the Game Changers webinar replay and be on your way to direct sales success!

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