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Direct Sales Inspiration provides affordable, in-depth training courses for direct sellers or party plan consultants.

Using the principles in this book I built a $20-million global direct sales business! Let me teach you my formula for success—tried and tested methods from my 20 years in the industry.

My book comes with dozens of free worksheets, checklists, and templates.

Elevate Your Direct Sales Game with the Ultimate Bundle!

More than 150 resources included!

This bundle comes with 50 printables, the very ones I used to build a global 20-million-dollar direct sales business. You’ll also get 50 social media images to enhance your online presence and will drive engagement. You’ll also get 70+ inspirational quotes ready for you to use to motivate your team.


(Our courses are currently undergoing an update and will be back online soon)

All courses use video presentations to talk you through the subject. In addition, every Module comes with bonus worksheets, images, workbooks, or done-for-you printables that you can use in your business.

Recruiting Masterclass

Recruiting is a skill that you can learn. In this course, you’ll learn how to maximize your display for recruiting, play recruiting games, follow up, and so much more. In addition, you’ll get fantastic value from 8 Modules in this course.

Free Recruiting Mini Course

Try the free mini-course if you're not yet ready to commit to the complete Recruiting Masterclass. You get a couple of video lessons with tips and worksheets to get you started.

Zoom Parties for Direct Sellers

Take the in-home party experience online with Zoom. This training teaches you how to use Zoom and make the most of Zoom parties in your direct sales business. The training covers different ways to party online, suitable games, themes, hostess coaching, and more. You'll also get a bunch of printables and social media images to use in your biz.

Mindset Mastery for Recruiting

If you feel that 'recruiting' or 'prospecting' is just not your thing....if you feel shy talking about the business opportunity, then this quick training might help you!

QUICK BUNDLE: Party Games for Direct Sellers

If you find yourself not talking about bookings or the business opportunity....if your guests aren't interacting with each other or if you want more repeat bookings - you need games!

Games are the #1 secret weapon in your direct sales or party plan biz. When people play games, they're having fun, and when they're having fun, it's easier for you to get your booking, sales, or recruiting message across.

This affordable bundle comes with 26 games. In addition, you'll get access to short videos that will teach you how to make the most of them.