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Direct Sales Inspiration provides affordable, in-depth training courses specifically for direct sellers or party plan consultants.

All courses use video presentations to talk you through the subject. Every Module comes with bonus worksheets, images, workbooks, or done-for-you printables that you can use in your biz.

Direct Sales Inspiration currently offers 4 products:

Recruiting MasterclassParty Games for Direct Sellers

Mindset Mastery for Recruiting

If you feel that ‘recruiting’ or ‘prospecting’ is just not your thing….if you feel shy talking about the business opportunity then this quick training might just help you!

Attraction Marketing for Direct sellers

If your Facebook page is stale, if you're not sure what to post and there's very little interaction need to up your game!

Learn exactly how to do that in the Attraction Marketing for Direct Sellers course. With attraction marketing you will become a magnet, attracting people to you instead of pushing them away with spammy or salesy posts.

Recruiting Masterclass - Waitlisted

The Recruiting is a deep dive into the recruiting process. You'll learn a TON of strategies to use in your business. This Masterclass is supported by weekly Facebook Live's in a special Facebook Group that's only open to other direct sellers that are going through the course with you.

The course is currently in progress. A new class will open again later this year. Put your name on the waiting list to be notified!

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QUICK BUNDLE: Party Games for Direct Sellers

If you find yourself not talking about bookings or the business opportunity....if your guests aren't really interacting with each other or if you want more repeat bookings - you need games!

Games are the #1 secret weapon in your direct sales or party plan biz. When people play games, they're having fun and when they're having fun it's easier for you to get your booking, sales or recruiting message across.

This affordable bundle comes with 26 games. You'll get access to short videos that will teach you how to make the most of them.