Do you have the dream for a wildly successful direct sales business? Do you have the dream but find yourself struggling with the tools, knowledge, motivation, and inspiration to make it happen?

What if you had some help to stay motivated, organized and on-track? What if you had some help to build your business to fit your life, family, work, and other commitments? That’s what Direct Sales Inspiration is about!

Christine Tylee
Christine Tylee – founder of Direct Sales Inspiration

I’m Christine Tylee, founder of Direct Sales Inspiration. My passion is helping people in the direct sales industry to achieve their dreams. These can be big bold, daring dreams or dreams of the perfect little business to fit your lifestyle.

I’ve been in the direct selling industry for over 15 years and I’ve built a multi-million dollar organization. I love my business. I’ve won so many awards that I wouldn’t know where to start listing them all (plus I don’t want you to nod off). But a few that I’m particularly proud of are the fact that I was the first person to achieve the top career-plan rank in my company and I’ve been in the prestigious ‘Million Dollar Club’ for nearly a decade. I also hold the record for the most people recruited into the business in a single month. I LOVE sharing this great Industry with others.

One of the things I love about the direct selling industry is how flexible it is. This became very clear recently when my 6-year old daughter was diagnosed with acute leukemia.

I am so very grateful that I  am able to work from my daughter’s hospital room. Other parents I’ve met on the pediatric oncology ward have had to give up their job or put their career on hold, causing further stress in the family. But I’ve been able to keep my business going, keep my sanity by giving me an outlet for my own needs, and continue to provide an income.

I don’t know of any other industry where you can do that!

My passion for helping others achieve their dreams and have the kind of amazing income and security I’ve been able to build for my family, led me to creating Direct Sales Inspiration. It brings together my love for education (putting my Masters Degree in Education to good use) and my love for this wonderful industry.

I met Christine Tylee 5 years ago through school when our daughters started kindergarten. I was a stay at home mum, and had not worked for 7 years. I was starting to get itchy feet and was wondering what my next form of employment would be. I’d previously worked for myself and definitely didn’t want to go back to work for anybody else. As it turned out Christine was managing her own business working in the Direct Sales industry. I thought I would give it a go too.

Christine’s wealth of knowledge and experience got my Direct Sales business off to a very strong start. With her natural ability to coach and train, she helped me achieve my goals to qualify for 3 overseas trips, Hawaii, Thailand and Las Vegas.

Christine is a Mumpreneur! A stay at home mum herself, with 3 kids. She has proven to me that anyone can achieve what she has when you put your mind to it. She is the perfect mentor to have in your life, motivating, encouraging, but most importantly, she’s tried and tested everything herself!

Christine has a wealth of knowledge in the direct sales industry. I always walk away from her training sessions and coaching inspired and motivated to try new things in my business.

I have had the absolute pleasure of having Christine as my Leader for the past 5 1/2 years! She is an amazing role model, incredibly supportive, dynamic and a sensational Leader.

With Christine’s support and cheerleading I have reached goals that have been life changing, including leadership and glamorous overseas travel. Party Plan wasn’t ever on my radar but when I had the opportunity to join the Body Shop at Home to earn some extra income for my family I could not imagine how my life would change for the better!

Earning money while doing parties! Wow! The friends, products, fun, travel, flexibility and being the my own boss has all been beyond my wildest dreams! Thanks Christine for supporting me in my dream job!

Angela Lloyd, The Body Shop At Home

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