The Book You’ve Been Waiting for is Here!

One day I dared to build a global empire, and that dream came true.

It was my big scary goal, but with determination, I realized it, and now I’m passing on my knowledge so others can do the same.

In ‘Growing Your Direct Sales Team,’ I share how I built my business from my daughter’s hospital bedside, turning it into a global 20-million-dollar empire.

It’s not only a business story. It’s a story about passion and digging into the deepest parts of yourself when you thought all hope was lost.

But that’s the beauty of adversity. The deeper you dig into life’s pains, the richer the reward.

We all have a purpose. And a part of mine has been passing on my knowledge to give others this incredible gift—the gift of direct selling.

Your direct sales business is a gift, and if nurtured correctly, it will grow to give you freedom, financial success, and more time for life!

For the first time, I’m sharing all my secrets to success in one place, along with how I went from being a nervous consultant to transforming into a vibrant businesswoman gaining membership in the prestigious Million Dollar Club.

The road to success is paved with hurdles, and I’m passionate about educating emerging direct sellers that mistakes are the best education for an entrepreneur.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes throughout my two decades in direct selling. I’ve tried and tested many methods to arrive at my winning formula for success. Now, it’s my gift to you.

My book comes with dozens of free worksheets, checklists, and templates you can use in your business to get you started on your direct sales journey today.

Come along on this journey, and learn from me so you can create the life of your dreams!

I’m proud to say my labor of love, ‘Growing Your Direct Sales Team,’ is available globally in paperback now.

I hope you enjoy the read!

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