From direct sales disaster to massive success using 3 simple strategies

From direct sales disaster to massive success using 3 simple strategies

Once a timid primary school teacher who battled crippling anxiety, I became the proud owner of a thriving $20 million direct sales empire, built from the ground up.

The road wasn’t easy—my early days were fraught with nausea-inducing events and phone call phobias. However, my perseverance and powerful strategies turned my tale of direct sales despair into one of remarkable success.

The Catalyst of Change

My journey took a dramatic turn in 2016 when my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. Amidst the heartbreak and the sterile walls of a hospital room, I discovered the true potential of direct sales. It was here, in my darkest moments, that I realized this business model wasn’t just about selling—it was a lifeline. It was the only job flexible enough to let me be by my daughter’s side during her treatment while still providing for my family. This profound realization propelled me to reshape my approach to direct sales.

A New Chapter with Urban Retreat

After two decades with The Body Shop at Home, I faced the closure of the company—a  devastating blow.

Armed with my three strategies, I transitioned to Urban Retreat. In my first month, I generated over $250,000 in sales and built a team of 650 enthusiastic members. These strategies didn’t just work; they excelled in new environments.

I’m thrilled to share the transformative strategies I learned from none other than Mr. Empire, Aaron Sansoni himself, the renowned “Sales King.”

During an intense 60-hour masterclass with Aaron, I uncovered the secrets that have helped thousands achieve top-tier success. These aren’t just strategies; they are the blueprints of a master salesman who has mentored Fortune 500 executives and entrepreneurs around the globe.

The Urban Retreat Edge

Urban Retreat isn’t just another direct sales company. With multiple unique products that boast clinical trials and patented technology, and a global ground-floor opportunity that comes with a non-autoship VIP customer program, it’s a game-changer. This company provides the perfect platform for anyone ready to take their direct sales career to unprecedented heights.

Are you ready to transform your business and life? Let’s embark on this journey together.

Watch the Game Changers webinar replay to learn the 3 secret strategies for success!

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