Mother’s Day Magic for Your Direct Sales Business

Mother’s Day is a lovely celebration and a beautiful way to inject some magic into your party plan or direct sales business.

And I have some ideas for you that you can adapt to your particular business.

Mommy and Me Parties

This type of party works with lots of different products. For example, you could offer a handful of special “Mommy and Me Party” dates in your diary around Mother’s Day to encourage bookings on those dates.

  • Skincare Companies: Offer Mommy and Me Facials or provide training to the daughters on how to pamper Mom.
  • Make-up Companies: Offer Mommy and Me Make Overs. Great for teens, but little girls love their lip gloss, too.
  • Food/Kitchen Companies: Offer Mommy and Me Cooking Sessions, cupcake decorating sessions, tasting sessions, etc.
  • Clothing/Accessories Companies: You can offer Mommy and Me Styling Sessions if you have a children’s range. If you don’t offer children’s clothing, perhaps a Kids Style Mom Session where the kids are encouraged to help style their Mom – this lends itself to fun pictures and videos for your social media!


The opposite of “Mommy and Me” – you offer adults only ‘retreats’. So bring out the bubbly and offer a grown-up evening with you! Market it as a “Mommy Me-Time” theme. You can use this theme with any product. It’s all about presentation and marketing.

Gift Packs

Make the most of Mother's Day in your direct sales business with these tips and ideas. Don't forget to grab the free social media images! #directsales #directselling

If your products lend themselves to creating gift packs or hampers, now’s the time! Add some chocolates, wine or luxury teas and wrap it up with a pretty bow.

To make this strategy work for you, create a couple of sample gift packs well before Mother’s Day and take them to your in-home events. You can allow people to customize their gift packs with you as they order.

Bonus tip: take your gift packs to workplaces dominated by guys such as car mechanics or construction companies. They’ll love a pre-prepared gift for Mum!

Don’t forget to take some great photos of your hampers and promote them in your customer Facebook group as last-minute gifts (if you have stock on hand or sell your sample packs)

Social Media

Remember to add some Mother’s Day theming to your Facebook parties, customer groups and business pages. Check this article on how to maximize your Facebook page.

To help you, I’ve created a couple of Mother’s Day tiles (including a Facebook game) that you can download and use straight away.

I hope these ideas help you to have a magical Mother’s Day in your party plan or direct sales business.

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