Direct Sales Parties with a Difference

Direct sales events are critical to your business’s success. Don’t believe me? Check this article, where I discuss why parties and events matter so much.

However, the word ‘party’ can be limited, and for some newer consultants, it sounds old-fashioned. It evokes images of a ’50s-style Tupperware party; many people don’t relate to that. So, perhaps you want to reinvent parties to something different and more up-to-date!

Different Direct Sales Parties

Workshop. Whatever you sell, there’s probably a way that you could market your product via an educational workshop.

I’ve always found that workshops are very popular. People expect to learn something and get some in-depth knowledge. I market workshops as small events where we dive deeper into the products and how to use them.

Bonus Tip: when you ask for bookings, and someone says, “I don’t have that many friends for a party”, a workshop is the perfect event to offer them because they work much better with smaller numbers!

Tutorial or Class. A tutorial-style event is similar to a workshop in many ways in that it focuses on educating guests about a particular product line or range. The key difference is that these styles of events are more educational and less hands-on.

Tutorials lend themselves to a product or range that is quite detailed and is the perfect event for people who want to learn how something works and how to make the most of it, not just what a product does.

Fundraising Fiesta. Any party, event, or theme can easily be turned into a fundraiser. You just need to add a few fundraising games and perhaps a raffle – depending on the rules and regulations in your area.

You will most likely be donating a percentage of your profits. A fundraising fiesta can be used for any cause, company, or month, but doesn’t a February Fundraising Fiesta sound wonderful?

I run two to three fiestas yearly to raise funds for causes close to my heart…I’m also booked regularly to help other people raise funds too. I find that a fundraising event often attracts a different type of host and guest than any other event, so it’s a great way to expand into new networks. For more ideas for fundraisers, check this article.

You Plus 2. This is a super easy alternative for any host or rep who doesn’t want a full party or showing. The idea is that all the host has to do is find 2 friends for an hour.

You then do a quick, personalized chat or demonstration. It’s less daunting for a host who is worried that they won’t be able to get a big crowd for a party or for a host who is time-poor.

I often have great success with a You Plus 2. I advise the host to invite a couple of extra people, just to ensure there are 2 guests – and if everybody does come, that’s fine too. I also help the host gather a few pre-party orders. Because this event is small and personal, I often have sales similar to my average parties.

Direct Selling Events with a Difference

Girls’ Night Out. It doesn’t matter what you sell. There’s bound to be a way to market it by focusing on a fun night out. Let’s face it. This is just a party but with a fun spin. I tend to do an extra game or two and a couple of giveaways.

Stop n’ Shop or Express Shop. This is the perfect event for anyone who doesn’t have time for a full party. I offer to set up a display at their home or workplace for just an hour. People can drop in and get help with their shopping. This is a popular event in the leadup to Christmas.

Event. If you don’t want to use the word ‘party’, you could just call it an ‘event’. If you use it well, it can sound very exciting. For example, a ‘skincare event’ is something I’d attend as a guest!

Bonus tip: Use an online registration system (Trybooking, for example) to market your event as something special and more exclusive. It also looks professional and more official!

In the end, it doesn’t matter what it’s called….as long as you get people together with you and your products! Have fun experimenting with these different formats.

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