What to ask in your recruiting chats

When you follow-up with someone who is potentially interested in joining your direct sales business, it’s important to ask good questions to get to know them.

Always lead with the relationship, not the business

As the title says, I put the relationship first. So I start by establishing rapport and have a chat with them. I make a conscious effort to smile, even when I’m just on the phone because it makes a noticeable difference in how I come across.

When you move to the business part of the chat, using questions makes a big difference. I found that people don’t raise anywhere near as many objections when you begin with some questions.

Here are some of the questions I use and find very helpful in my recruiting chats:

  • How do you want to benefit from a direct sales business?
  • What are you aiming to achieve?
  • What are your most important values in life? (eg. money, health, family, success)
  • How do you see the direct sales business fitting into your life?

But, I’m not like you…

Sometimes during these chats, people will comment “I’m not like you“. They say that because they think you have something (skills, abilities, or personality) that they don’t have and worry that this will hold them back from direct sales success.

Direct Sales Tip: Asking the right questions in your recruiting chat.

I find it helpful to respond with a question: “What am I like in your eyes?” This will tease out what it is they think they are lacking. Once they’ve responded I ask: “May I share what I see in you?” and I then give them my genuine opinion of what they can bring to a direct sales business.

Asking questions like these helps you to get to know people better and that helps you to build rapport so much faster. I have a higher success rate using this method and I suspect it’s also the reason that people who don’t join initially do join with me at a later date. We build a stronger connection at the start of the relationship and I keep the relationship going using my leads book.

My philosophy is that our business is first and foremost a relationship business. If you see it that way too, sales will flow and team members will be drawn to you.

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