How to fast-track recruiting

Did you know there is a secret science behind the ability to effortlessly sponsor wonderful team members?

I am asked almost weekly, “What’s the secret to recruiting?” So let’s have a look at the science so you can understand the ‘law of attraction’ and use it to build your business with intention.

Research at Stanford University by physicians and quantum physicists demonstrated that by using deliberate intention, humans can raise or lower the PH of water and even shorten the time of fly larva to develop. (I’m not sure why you’d want to help flies develop faster so they can buzz around and annoy you….but it’s cool that we can!)

The law of attraction states that everything, including human thought, is energy. And it’s always vibrating, like radio waves. Furthermore, like attracts like, so whatever you attract matches what you are vibrating or broadcasting!

Be careful with your thoughts and feelings

The tricky part with the law of attraction is that it’s not just about your words but also how you feel about them.

For example: Let’s say a party plan consultant really wants to recruit new team members because she needs to make money or because she wants to qualify for an incentive trip. Her feelings around recruiting are a bit ‘needy’ so she’ll attract people in her life who perceive her as someone who needs them for something.

This consultant’s thoughts and feelings around recruiting are all about her and why she needs to expand her team. She’s unlikely to attract many new team members this way.

Do these 3 things to use the law of attraction well

This simple three-step process uses the law of attraction to help you recruit new people into your direct sales business. And the best way to build this new habit is to commit to it for three weeks, by the end of the three weeks it’ll be part of your routine!

  1. Write down each day what you want (related to recruiting), why you want it and how you’ll feel when you’ve achieved it. Think of a reason why that’s about serving others or part of your larger purpose.
  2. Before you make any recruiting calls or follow-up calls, write down your intended results. For example: With these calls I will attract perfect new team members with ease. I will have fun, I will be happy and relaxed.
  3. Write down one experience you believe possible today. For example, before your next party you could write down: I will find someone I easily connect with because we have something in common.

Note: It’s important that you feel good about your efforts regardless of the results.

Mind hack for direct sellers to achieve your goals faster!

I know that seems like a bit of a contradiction because on one hand you’re trying to expand your team and grow your business but on the other hand I’m asking you to feel good even when people say “No”. But you need a bit of Buddhist detachment so you don’t become needy.

Also trust that the law of attraction sometimes works in unexpected ways and you’ll find a lovely new team member when you least expect it. But that’s because you’re ‘broadcasting’ all the right vibes!

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