5 Top Tips for Fabulous Customer Care

5 Top Tips for Fabulous Customer Care in Your Direct Sales Business

The better you look after your customers, the stronger your direct sales or party plan business will be. Customers who feel they’re taken care of by you, are more likely to book parties or join your team.

So here are 5 tips for fabulous customer care and follow-up that you can use to create that awesome business you’re dreaming of.

Make it super easy for you to reach your customers

Get into the habit of always asking for your customers mobile number and email address. That way you can create a customer text message group and an email list.

Send out monthly customer newsletters via email

Keep your monthly email short but interesting and informative. This email is about relationship building – not just sales. Share product tips or hacks, share company offers for the month, offer incentives to book a party or join your team. If the company doesn’t have any incentives going, create your own!

Give every customer a loyalty card

With every order, give your customers a loyalty card. I’ve created a few blank loyalty cards for you to use. After a certain number of purchases, you can offer a discount or free product. Read the article on loyalty cards here and download the done-for you versions.

Offer a discount on the next order

Encourage repeat orders in your direct sales business

The second order is always the hardest to get. To make it a little easier, offer a 10% off your next order discount card. Make sure you add an expiry date (ie. 30 or 60 days), this will also give you a great reason to follow-up with them before the card expires. You could say something like: “I didn’t want you to miss out on the 10% discount I gave you…

Fill out the form below to get the free discount cards I’ve created for you. Just print them on some good quality paper, add your details and you’re good to go!

Organize your own parties

Organize your own events and invite all your customers along. You could hold a customer appreciation night, new catalog launch party, a new product launch party, etc. Create some special offers for the night that can only be accessed by customers that attend your event. This is a very powerful way to build relationships with your customers and hosts.

Alright, over to you. Let me know below what customer care thing you do in your business?

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