21 Days to Success

Title: 21 Days to Success in your Direct Sales Business: Take the Challenge

The habits that you implement in your business are the difference between having a thriving business or a stagnating business.

Here’s a serious question for you: Are you ready to take consistent action every single day? Are you ready to build good habits in your business so that you can create a thriving direct sales business?

Are you even ready for success?

You’re still reading so I’m guessing the answer to the above questions is YES!

I’ve created a 21-Day Challenge that’s designed to help you move your business forward while you build habits for success.

The aim of the 21-Day Challenge is to ‘talk’ to 3 people every day. And when I say ‘talk’ I mean have contact with. You can talk to people in person, over the phone, via text message, via Facebook, etc. It doesn’t matter how you talk to 3 people, as long as you do contact 3 people every day.

But don’t worry – you’re not on your own in this Challenge. I’ll be there with you every day.

My Promise

I promise you this: if you can contact 3 people every day for 21 days you will grow your business. Not only that, you will build those good habits that will help your business to thrive.

During the Challenge, I will contact you every day via email. I will help you with ideas on how to find people to talk to, I will provide pep talks and help you to stay motivated, and I will help you out with free printables and tips.

Your Promise

You might be thinking now “but I can’t do this because….” Perhaps you’re an introvert, or shy, or busy, or you don’t know how to do it, or you only know 7 people …. or whatever other reason you have to hold yourself back. 

But, have you ever tried this for 21 days before? Why don’t you just throw yourself into it and ‘have a go’ as we like to say in Australia. Then at the end of the 21 days you can decide whether you could do this or not.

When you start the Challenge, I want you to promise yourself to put in efforts every day and not give up.

Make the most of the next 21 days

During the challenge, you can focus on getting bookings, sales, or sponsoring. Or perhaps a combination of those 3. It depends on your goals and what your business needs right now.

My recommendation is to offer each person you contact 3 opportunities: to join your business, to host a party or event, or to become a priority customer and join your customer VIP group.

The secret to success with this challenge is consistency. So if you truly want to make yourself be consistent you want to get a streak of 21 days. If you miss a day….go back to the start until you have had 3 contacts per day for 21 days straight. And once you make it to the end of 21 days your business will flourishing!

Focus on the doing, not on the results

Part of the power of this challenge is that it allows you to concentrate on the numbers, on the doing. You can allow yourself not to focus too much on the results. You need to talk to 3 people every day but you don’t need to get 3 ‘Yes’s’! 

By focusing on the process you can take some pressure off yourself and off each conversation. All you need to focus on is having those conversations, have some fun with them – don’t worry about the outcome just yet.

Before getting started…

Before starting this challenge, gather all your contacts:

  • past hosts
  • previous customers
  • friends
  • family
  • acquaintances
  • sponsoring leads that were on the fence before

Create yourself a nice large list of contacts. And don’t worry if the list isn’t that long. We’ll also be working on finding more people to contact during the challenge. But it’s helpful to be ready with your contacts so you have no excuses to procrastinate!

As you go through the challenge, it’s helpful to track your results. That way you can see the work you’re doing and you’ll also be able to see your conversion rate. Over the course of the Challenge, you’ll see how many “No’s” you get for each “Yes”. And you’ll notice that getting a number of “No’s” is perfectly normal. When I went through a similar process, I would start to get excited to get those “No’s” out of the way so I could get to my “Yes”!

Let’s get started!

Are you ready to get started on your 21-Day Challenge? I’d like to invite you to sign up below – and if you’re smart you start the challenge with a team buddy so you can work together and cheer each other on!

Let’s build some great habits and get your business to the next level!

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