5 Secrets to Thriving in Online Direct Sales

Title: 5 secrets to thriving in your online direct sales business

Since the pandemic, the way direct sellers engage with customers has changed and evolved.

Most direct sellers around the globe have been forced to run their business online.

I was ahead of the curve in 2016. At the time, my daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia and we were in and out of hospital for two and a half years, so I learned how to go virtual.

Sophie is healthy and thriving now but what I’ve learned came in handy when Covid-19 took hold. It meant I could help my team and go entirely online.

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that there’s no one set formula for online success. As a result, direct sellers adapt and change tips and ideas. However, a few best practices work for everybody, so let’s look at those to help you thrive online with your direct sales business.

Which Social Media Should You Use?

I recommend focusing on one or two platforms if you’re new to starting. There are two considerations when choosing which platforms to use.

Firstly, where are your customers hanging out and which social media are you most comfortable using? Secondly, most people are on Facebook, and you’re likely to find an older audience there.

On the other hand, the younger demographic and more affluent people tend to hang out on Instagram, and the digital natives like to use Tiktok and Snapchat.

Once you’re confident and happy with your one or two leading platforms, you might consider adding content to YouTube as well. YouTube is great for longer-form content, especially with an educational slant. In addition, it will help you to establish yourself as a knowledgeable and competent consultant.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key. It’s no use posting five times a day on Monday but nothing for the remainder of the week. So scheduling your posts and updates is super helpful to maintain consistency.

There are many schedulers around, and if you’re using Facebook, you can also utilise its scheduling functionality.

I use Cinchshare and sit down one afternoon a month to batch all my posts. Then, I leave room in my posting schedule for spontaneous updates. For example, when my company sends me flowers to congratulate an achievement, I’ll post about that in the gaps in my scheduled posts, so it’s relevant and new.

Be Professional

Remember that what you post publicly is a reflection on your business too.

Show Your Personality

To stand out, you want to let your personality shine.

You don’t have to be perfect. You just have to be you. So bring elements of your personal life into the business.

For example, you can show how the flexibility of your business means you have lots of time for your rock painting hobby. Showing your style and personality online will make you unique and relatable.

Showcase Your Knowledge

Aim to become the go-to person for tips and information on the products you sell.

Keep in mind that it can take a while to build an audience online. Keep trying new things. Be consistent. Be persistent!

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