5 Tips for Direct Sales Leaders

5 tips for direct sales leaders

This is one of those misconceptions a lot of people have and I want you to really understand this:

Leadership is not a skill we’re born with.

Leadership is a skill you develop. You learn. You grow.

Direct sales is a business where you can step up to leadership, which brings new challenges and new opportunities.

If you’re new to leadership, below are 5 tips to help you grow into the type of leader that a team likes to follow.

Keep in mind that the number 1 complaint from consultants about their leaders is that they only hear from them when the leader wants to know how many sales they have!

I see that behavior all the time and it makes a team feel used – as if they’re only a number to help the leader gets paid. It leads to resentment and a negative team culture.

You don’t want to be that kind of leader. So check these tips to help you become a fabulous leader of a fabulous team.

Help your team members to feel successful

When teamies feel they are successful, it will help them build on their success and keep striving for more. Have a think about recognition. What are you celebrating in your team and how are you celebrating it?

What you focus on with recognition will increase.

Do you create certificates? Do you hand out trophies? Do you post a brag in your team group on Facebook? Do you call them or go Live to congratulate them with a personal message? The more you do the better!

If your team members are excited about their achievement they are more likely to repeat it and strive for more. It will also inspire others in your team to strive for recognition.

Encourage effort

Not everyone in your team will achieve the standard required for public recognition. But a good leader will make everyone in a team feel valued.

Try to find a reason to congratulate as many team members as possible each week for something. A quick text message can make a big difference to help someone feel acknowledged and valued.

Can yo find someone in your team this week who:

  • entered sales for the first time in a while
  • booked an extra party
  • found a potential new team member (lead)
  • booked in for a vendor event

Always be on the lookout for team members who’ve stepped out of their comfort zone to take action. When they do, consider going the extra mile and post them a personal card int he mail to let them know how proud of them you are.

Even if their actions don’t lead to results this time, they might next time. And in the meantime, you have a loyal team member who feels valued.

Mark significant occasions

I keep a box of cards handy so that when something important happens in a team members life, I’m ready to send of a personal post card.

Think of life events such as a new baby, engagement or wedding, the passing of a loved-one or pet, illness, etc.

It’s important to show team members that they matter to you and that what happens in their life matters to you.

Talk less and listen more

As a leader we have to stop trying to fix everything. Realize that your team members often already have the answer! Our job is to coach them and help them find it. (Check this article on coaching.)

It can be really hard to stop ourselves from telling our team members what to do. Try to remember that if you them choose their action steps, they’re far more likely to take that action!

Be a cheerleader

5 Tips for Direct Sales Leaders

Be the best cheerleader you can be! When I think of cheerleaders, I think of someone happy, positive, energetic and smiling. That’s your job!

Always be positive. It’s okay to acknowledge concerns but you must always re-focus on the positives and the next step.

Sometimes you’ll have to remind a team member of their amazing qualities or how far they’ve come already. Sometimes you’ll need to remind them of how amazing your company is.

Focus on gratitude, focus on what’s in your control and enjoy the process.

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