April Bookworm Update

Book recommendations for #DirectSellers and #PartyPlan consultants.

I’m a massive reader but I don’t actually read…as such. I’m an audiobook fan, I get read-to.

I treat my car as a rolling university. Folding laundry is a joy when I’m listening and learning.

Waiting for the kids becomes another opportunity for self-development.

I’m also a sharer. I like to share the awesome books that inspired me. Or the books that taught me things. Or the books that motivated me. So every now and then I’ll post an article to give you a little update on my new favorites.

The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

I’m crushing so hard on Mel Robbins right now…so forgive me in advance for gushing. This book has been a life saver!

When my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia I used this book to help me build the coping skills I needed right then.

I used this book’s simple strategies to continue moving forward in my life and my business. She explained how I can stop negative thoughts in their tracks and maintain a positive attitude. And although her strategies are simple, they work!

The strategies are also fabulous for increasing motivation and ending procrastination. I am so much better at getting the “hard stuff” done now.

It is a must read for every direct seller who wants to grow, for every party plan superhero who wants to expand her comfort zone, for every person who wants to jump into new things, and for everyone who wants to focus on the positives in life – but has a hard time doing so. So get it!

Be A Recruiting Superstar by Mary Christensen

I have been so lucky that I got to attend a training session with Mary Christensen. She’s so engaging, relatable and full of fantastic advice.

In her books, her real-life personality shines through! All her books are easy to read and full of information. But my favorite is Be A Recruiting Superstar because I  changing people’s lives by introducing them to my direct sales business.

I also love this particular book because it contains some fascinating insight into direct seller’s personality types. And you can use that insight in your approach when talking to people about your business opportunity. If you would like a little taste of that, take this quiz.

Besides, who doesn’t want to be a superstar?

I Know How She Does It by Laura Vanderkam

Look at that strong woman on the cover! I loved this book.

It’s an entertaining book with some interesting case studies that I could relate to. I also picked up quite a few new tips and tricks for managing my time and working around my family.

But that’s not the biggest gain I got from this book.

After reading I Know How She Does It, I had a new perspective on the the concept of “balance”. Too often as women we feel pressure to be all things to all people all of the time.

But this book opened my eyes to the idea that balance can – and should be – viewed over a longer time frame. Say a week or a month – not necessarily day to day. Sometimes we need to focus on our career or business and work hard and put in the hours. Sometimes we need to be home, with our children.

This book taught me I don’t need to feel guilty. I’d feel guilty when I was working because I wasn’t with the kids and I felt guilty when was with the kids because I wasn’t working on my business…you know that merry-go-round? I’ve learned that there is enough time for everything and everyone, including time for self-care.

If you have children AND a career or business, this is essential reading!

These 3 fantastic books should keep you going for while. And they’ll help you to go for your direct sales dreams!

If you want to continue learning and growing in your business, check out these resources to take you deeper into recruiting, making the most of games, attraction marketing and more!

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