Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing (Interview)

How do you market your direct sales biz online without being salesy or spammy…?

The answer: Attraction Marketing.

To explain what attraction marketing is and how to do it, I’ve interviewed Rochelle Nicole.

In the interview Rochelle will take us behind the scenes on her actual Facebook business page. She explains how she is using attraction marketing to boost her direct sales business.

Rochelle has built a direct selling empire online. She’s done this by branding herself on social media in the small pockets of time in between living her life and working an intense full-time job.

She’s generated a massive following on social media that she’s leveraging into her business.

I particularly love her advice for Do’s and Don’ts on Social Media and the 10-4-1 rule.

Check out my interview with Rochelle Nicole in the video below and then grab the FREE Attraction Marketing Planner to help you with your own Facebook business page!

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Attraction Marketing for Direct SellersLearn how to rock your attraction marketing

Learn how to be active and selling on Facebook without annoying people and without spamming anybody.

Learn how to build an active Facebook Group.

Learn about the magic of video and how to do it well.

Each Module contains a video presentation in which Christine talks you through the topic. Each presentation is filled with examples, explanations of why it works and tips. You’ll also get plenty of downloadables and printables to use in your direct sales business.

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