Social Capital is Key to Boost Your Biz

Do you want to know the secret to amplifying the success of your direct sales business?

One of the critical pillars I’ve used to build a $20 million global direct sales business and boost my happiness is positive reach-outs.

Positive reach-outs use kindness to foster stronger relationships and build social capital.

Building your social capital means developing meaningful relationships with your customers, hosts, and teamies, and it doesn’t just help your business. It makes you happier in the process.

How cool is that?

Professor Christopher Peterson was one of the giants in positive psychology, and his pioneering work showed that happiness comes from social relationships and kindness to others

Michelle Gielan, the best-selling author of Broadcasting Happiness, says that social capital is your greatest asset. Social capital is the value you receive from having relationships with other people. The great thing about social capital is that it doesn’t lose weight through use. It grows instead.

In my positive reach-outs, I use a lot of praise. Positive Psychologist Shawn Achor reminds us that praise is a virtuous cycle and a renewable resource: “…the more you give, the more you enhance your supply. When done right, praise primes the brain for higher performance, which means that the more we praise, the more success we create. And the more successes there are, the more there is to praise.”

How I reach out to my team and customers in a positive way

There are many ways to reach out and build your social capital. I do various things, from sending emails and private messages to phone calls and in-person catch-ups. I also always have a supply of unique occasion cards for birthdays, births, engagements, etc., ready to go, so it’s easy to put one in the post to someone.

I started doing this 15 years ago and never stopped because I realized the powerful positive impact of sending an engagement card to a customer who called to thank me. She told me she only received three cards – one from her mother, one from her future mother-in-law, and one from me – which meant so much to her. She is still a loyal customer and has referred many people to me.

“The more you help others and spread positivity, the brighter you will all shine.”

On another occasion, I visited a team member’s house and saw an encouraging letter I had sent her framed and placed where she would see it every day. As a result, she is now one of the top performers in my entire organization!

Another lovely way to build social capital is to buy random gifts, which could be as simple as taking muffins into a meeting or training session for no particular reason.
The more you connect with people in your network and your direct sales team, the stronger your relationships will become. The more you help others and spread positivity, the brighter you will all shine.

Are you ready to build social capital in your direct sales business?

A fabulous way to start these reach-outs is with a power lead, another concept coined by Michelle Gielan. A power lead is a cheerful, optimistic, or inspiring start to communications. Gielan found that how you choose to start a conversation influences the behavior of others.

Start with a ‘power lead’

Starting with positivity sets a tone. It primes you and others for positivity and pushes everyone into the high-performance zone. It could be as simple as starting the conversation. “It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?” or when someone asks you,” How are you this morning?”

Instead of talking about how you didn’t get enough sleep, you could say that you had a lovely breakfast (if, indeed, you did have a lovely breakfast).

It’s not about making things up to say something positive. Instead, it focuses on authenticity to set that positive tone.

I want to encourage you to spend at least 15 minutes a day focusing on positive reach-outs with your customers, team, or hosts. You will find that it will boost your happiness and positivity while at the same time building your social capital and strengthening relationships – and this will move your direct sales business forward in the long run.

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