Christmas Games Super Bundle

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year.

It’s also a massive opportunity for your direct sales or party plan business.

To make your life easier in the silly season, I’ve collected a bundle of Christmas-themed games that you can use in your in-home or online parties.

Christmas Names

This game requires no preparation, printables, or pen & paper. It’s the perfect fall-back game if you’ve forgotten to prepare anything. This game is easy to play in-home or online!

You play by asking guests to introduce themselves with a Christmas-related word that starts with the first letter of their name and their name. For example, I could introduce myself as “Candy Cane Christine,” while my friend Angela could use “Angelic Angela,” and Stephanie could call herself “Starry Night Stephanie.”

Most people will join in the fun and come up with something that matches their name. If they get stuck on a tricky letter, like my fabulous assistant Zoe might with her name, I tell them to use their last name or middle name instead.

I give prizes to everyone in this game and usually use a bowl of mini candy canes. (Extra tip: have a bag of mini candy canes on hand at all your parties during the holiday season. They come in super handy).

Drawing Games

Drawing games are always fun and get lots of laughs. I have two different versions that you can download below to use at your parties. The game is also easily adaptable to play online.

You provide each guest with a blank sheet of paper and a pen for both of these versions. They then close their eyes and draw according to your instructions. The scoring (which you’ll find on the printable) will them how well they did and determine the winner.

I like to give a prize to the winner but also to the person with the least points – I call them the “winner in reverse” rather than the “loser.”

Download 2 versions of this game below.

Envelope Games

Pinterest: Christmas Games

I have two versions of the envelope game for you to use this season. This is strictly an in-home party game.

Depending on how many guests are at the party, you’ll need to prepare 2-3 envelopes. In the envelopes, you can put a  card with the prize written on it. The prize could be a small product, an order discount, free shipping, or chocolates. Whatever works in your business.

At the party, hand the envelopes to random guests and ask everyone to form a circle. Explain to the guests that the envelopes are to be passed to the right every time you say the word “right” when reading the story. Whenever you say the word “left,” the envelopes must be passed to the person on the left.

You’ll get lots of confusion and laughter over the directions. The person who holds an envelope at the end of the game gets to open it to reveal their prize.

Fill out the form below to get two different stories for this game.

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