Create a Connection to Others with Your Story

“Eeek! No way!”

I thought when someone suggested I share a brief ‘my story’ at my parties and events.

I wouldn’t say I liked the idea. So it took me ages to share anything about myself at events other than my name, and sometimes I even forgot that!

My attitude towards doing a ‘My Story’ changed when I went to a direct sales party as a guest and saw someone do a fantastic job with her consultant story. It was brief but inspiring. Afterwards, I felt more connected with her!

When a ‘My Story’ presents well, it helps you build trust and connection with the guests. It also allows you to be more relatable. And remember, people buy from people – so the more they get to know you, the better it is for your business!

A few things I learned from a master storyteller, a world-class speaker, elite performance coach and best selling author have remained with me.

  • Your story is a chance to give. It’s an opportunity to be memorable and relatable.
  • Top athletes never get rid of their nerves. Instead, they harness them and use them as their ally to be on their game and excited.
  • We all love to hear stories of people overcoming difficulties in life or business.”

So don’t be like I used to be, make sure you take a few minutes at your next direct selling event to tell your story. If you get nervous, that’s okay but keep going. Because the more you do it, the easier it gets!

Not sure what you want to say? I’ve got you!

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