Create ‘sponsoring sparks’ at your direct sales parties

Create 'sponsoring sparks' at your direct sales parties.

Sponsoring sparks‘…? What?

No, we’re not trying to create a wildfire here. We want to ignite positive business growth in your biz with these sparks.

Most guests at your parties won’t be thinking about the business opportunity.

They came to a party, to have some fun, to see some friends and to buy some products. They did not come to start a whole new business!

Well – that’s what they think…

To get them started on thinking about joining your team, you sprinkle ‘sponsoring sparks’ throughout your presentation. And once a spark has ignited, you need to keep adding sparks until it becomes a fire!

Most direct sellers and party plan consultants mention the business opportunity once. (If at all) But it’s easier to start a fire with more sparks.

Sprinkle those sponsoring sparks throughout your party

How to create sponsoring sparks at your direct sales parties.

You want to apply as much focus, time and energy at your parties to recruiting as you do to sales and bookings.

Do you do that at your parties?

One way to create these sparks of interest is to use compliments. Here are few you can make your own:

  • You’re so bubbly and fun! You’d make an excellent consultant…
  • You’re so passionate about the products! Everyone listened to you.
  • I’d love to work with you…
  • I noticed you spoke to everybody here tonight! You’re such a people person…
  • It would be awesome to have you on my team!

Dedicate Display Space

Vision Board Collage
Example of a story board.

In your display, you want to reserve a third of the space for the business opportunity. You could use a light box, a positions vacant sign or a story board to spark interest in a visual way.

I created this story board in a free collage app. I printed it on photo paper and I display it in a pretty frame.

Always keep the following in mind:

Sales are your income for today, bookings are your income for tomorrow while recruiting is income forever.

At your parties, your audience will follow your focus. So if you focus on the business opportunity, they’ll go along with you.

As long as you make it fun and interesting!

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