How to Motivate Everybody in Your Team

Motivating a team is an ongoing challenge but it’s also vital to your success.

So how do you keep your team inspired and engaged?

To cater to the different personalities in your team, it’s helpful to divide people into three categories: Action, Feeling or Fun.

This makes it easier to ensure that you cater to all three types of people in your team.

So let’s have a look at these categories:

Action People

Action people are often your high achievers. They plan, commit and succeed. However, if you don’t cater to them in your communications and recognition, they will quickly lose interest.

Feeling People

These are the people who need time to reflect. They are considerate of others and often make the most nurturing and welcoming team members.

Fun People

Your Fun People really show their enthusiasm. They’re often very creative and can provide the social ‘glue’ in a team.

How to cater to your Action, Feeling and Fun people

Suggestions for Action People

  • They thrive on recognition. The more public you can make it, the better
  • They love compliments
  • They often thrive on challenges with a deadline
  • Delegate tasks to your Action People, they like being thought of as valuable and important
  • Many Action People like to present to a group, so you could let them help you run a meeting or training

Suggestions for Feeling People

  • Ask them how they feel about doing a task or setting a goal. They typically don’t like to be pushed out of their comfort zone
  • When coaching them, keep in mind they need time to reflect
  • Recognize small things they might think you haven’t noticed
  • Emphasize their value in welcoming and developing new team members
  • Recognize their efforts, not just achievements. For example, acknowledge when you know they’ve stepped out of their comfort zone

Suggestions for Fun People

  • Your Fun People make fabulous ‘social directors’. Make use of this when organizing special events
  • Fun people are often very creative with their displays, the team will appreciate their ideas
  • Seek help from Fun People to organize food or music at meetings
  • These teamies respond well to a positivity award
  • When working with Fun People, focus on the fun they’ll have as a result of achieving a goal or moving up the career ladder

With a bit of thought and attention, you’ll be able to cater to all the different types in your team

In addition, it will help you to create an upbeat, positive and inclusive culture in your team where everybody feels valued for who they are. This, in turn, will help to keep them engaged and motivated in their direct sales biz.

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