Encourage Repeat Orders

Encourage Repeat Orders in Your Direct Sales Biz

Title: Encourage Repeat Orders in your Direct Sales Biz

My husband is a serious coffee connoisseur… don’t come between him and his quality coffee! He will go out of his way to buy coffee from his favorite
café, not just because of the good coffee though…

But because they have a loyalty card! 

He likes to get his 10th coffee for free. I think we all like to be rewarded for our loyalty and get a little something for free. And as direct sellers, we can use this same concept to encourage repeat orders with us.

You will have to think about what you want to focus on with your customers. Perhaps you want to focus on repeat orders no matter the size, or perhaps you want to reward repeat orders over a certain dollar amount.

And depending on your product, you could give a reward after 5 or 10 repeat orders. You may need to experiment a little to find out what works in your business with your customers.

Shout it from the rooftops

When a customer redeems their loyalty card, you want to acknowledge them in your VIP group or on your social media channels. Shout it from the rooftops, tell everybody how awesome this customer is!

People are influenced by what other people think and what they do -‘monkey see, monkey do‘, as they say. So you want to use the power of social media to recognize your loyal customers publicly.

This will give your other customers a little nudge to try and fill their loyalty card too. 

Quick Boost

Sometimes you want quick results though. Perhaps you are striving for an incentive trip and you want to kick-start a month with lots of orders. Or perhaps you are aiming for a career elevation and that’s why you want to get some extra orders. 

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In that case, you could offer an instant prize with the next order. It could be a voucher for a mystery prize, free products or a discount with their next order. This way your customers will get an immediate reward which will satisfy their need for instant gratification.

When you use an instant reward, make sure you set a deadline for the end of that month. A deadline will increase the sense of urgency and reduce the risk that customers forget about it. Also, instant rewards are not something you want to be running all the time!

Grab these free loyalty cards

I’ve created a few different blank loyalty cards for you. There’s room on the cards to put your details (stamp or sticker) and you can set the reward.

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