Party Game: Pop the Bloon

Party Game: Pop the Bloon

You can use the “Pop the Bloon” party game to add some excitement while at same time running an incentive in your direct sales events.

This party game is basically a raffle with a bang and can be used for in-home parties and with a bit of adjustment for Zoom or Facebook parties as well.

To play you need:

  • A prize from your business
  • 5 Balloons in the same color
  • 5 Small pieces of the paper of the same color or size

Before the party will need to decide whether you want to incentivize orders over a certain amount or rather party bookings.

At the party, explain to the guests that they can go into the raffle for a really good prize (display the prize if you can) when they meet the conditions (eg. orders over $100 or a party booking). Only the first 5 (or whatever number works for your business) will go in the draw.

When someone books a party or has a high enough order, you put their name on one of the pieces of paper. When you have all the pieces of paper filled out, you roll them up. Put one name in each balloon and blow the balloons up.

You (or the host or guest of honor, for example) choose just 1 balloon to pop. Then pop the balloon with some excitement. The person whose name was in that balloon wins the prize!

You can use this clever game to incentivize bookings for parties, or specific types of parties (Facebook parties, in-home parties, zoom parties, etc.), to get higher orders, orders for certain product ranges, or anything else that works in your business.

To make it even more fair, use balloons of the same color.

Social Media Tiles

To help you promote this incentive, I’ve created a few social media tiles for you that you can use on your Facebook or Insta accounts.

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