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Title: Are you ready to make referrals work in your direct sales biz?

Are you ready to make referrals work in your direct sales biz?

Many consultants don’t view referrals as an important strategy in their business. But used consistently, referrals can be used to grow your bookings and your team with very little effort.

Referrals are a very powerful way to grow your business because people trust the recommendations of a friend more than from anyone else!

And when you encourage people to recommend your business, you’ll have a better chance that past party guests or hosts will actually mention you to a friend.

Sometimes just mentioning your referral incentive at a party will remind people of that one friend they know would love a party or your products.

Make referrals work in your direct sales business.

So, to make things easy for you I’ve created  a few different referral vouchers that you can use in your direct sales or party plan business.

You can choose to focus on either bookings or recruits – depending on what your business needs. Or you can offer both options – it’s up to you!

How to make referrals work

  • Use your vouchers consistently, hand them out at every in-home event, post them in your Facebook parties, and have them on hand at your vendor events or markets.
  • Make a habit of publicly thanking people who refer others to you. People like to be acknowledged – especially if there’s a reward involved đŸ™‚
  • Regularly post about your referral program on your social media to make sure everybody knows about it. Remind people that they can cash in the voucher for themselves if they host their own party or if they themselves join your team!

Grab the done-for-your referral vouchers below and drop us a line to share how you encourage referrals in your direct sales biz.

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