Getaway Phone Game

Getway Phone Game for Direct Sales Parties

These days most guests come to my parties with their phone. Which is awesome because I have this easy and fun ice-breaker game you can play.

Start by asking the guests to grab their phone and bring up a photo that was taken on a holiday, special outing, trip or getaway.

They can grab it from their camera roll or from their Facebook or Instagram.

It usually takes them a few minutes to bring up a photo so I like to move things along by throwing some small wrapped candies to the first three people that are ready to play. That usually encourages the rest to choose quickly.

Make sure they have some paper to track their points on (you can hand out pieces of paper or perhaps you have already given them a wish list they can use).

Getaway Phone Game - Direct Sales Icebreaker

Next you’ll read out some things that might be in their photo and they can earn points for them. You use the game sheet (download below) for the points. Don’t read every single item, that would make the game too long!

At the end guests add up their points and you can declare a winner and a “winner in reverse” (the person with the lowest score).

Make sure you have a small prize ready for the person with the highest score and the person with the lowest score.

I love this game because it’s a great ice breaker, it gets a few laughs and people often share memories and stories of their getaway so people get to know each other quickly. This game sets a great ‘tone’ for the party!

What you need to play the Getaway Game

  • Game sheet (download below)
  • 2 Small prizes (one for the winner and one for the ‘loser’)
  • Wrapped candies (optional)
  • Pens and paper for the guests to track their score

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