Goals – Why they Matter to Direct Sellers

Title: Goals. Why they matter and why you need to write goals down.Goals. Why they matter and why you need to write them down.

Goals are everything to me.

Goals provide focus and motivation. They create energy and excitement.

If you don’t have a clearly defined goal that excites you, you’ll end up drifting along…not going anywhere. I had a significant experience with this phenomenon.

For quite some time, my big hairy goal was to reach the top of my company’s career plan. Once I achieved this goal I did not set a new goal in my direct sales business. I drifted along, not growing my business for a few years before I realized my mistake.

Then I set new goals and felt inspired and motivated to achieve those again.

But it’s not enough to have goals in your mind. You must write down your goals. It also helps to say them out loud so you can hear them, not just in your mind but with your ears.

Let me try to convince you of how important it is to actually write down your goals:
A few years ago, researchers at Yale university conducted research into goal setting. They revisited a class of students 20 years after they had graduated. The researchers found that the 3% of students who had written down goals when they were studying earned more than the remaining 97% of the class combined!

If that doesn’t convince you to start writing down your direct sales goals, I don’t know what will….

I take writing down my goals so seriously that I invested in this amazing planner that helps me not only to plan my month and week, but also helps me to set goals and keep me on track. And I’m achieving them faster than ever before!

(And yes, that’s an affiliate link – I love this planner SO much I’m happy to promote it and associate my name with it!)

Goal Planning for direct sellers. Free printable.I firmly believe that without goals, you have no compass. Goals give your life meaning and direction and help you to get what you want.

So, to get started today on your goal setting journey, grab the goal planning printable below!

I’d also love to hear what your goals are. Please share them in the comments…that will help you feel even more committed to achieving them¬†


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