Host Bingo

Title: Host Bingo

One of the things you can do to ensure your direct selling event is a super success, is to coach your host.

If you’re new to direct sales or party plan, this can be challenging. Perhaps you’re not sure where to start or how to tell the hostess how to make her party or showing a success.

That’s where Host Bingo comes in. This is a fun and easy way to give your hostess an incentive AND direction on how to make her party successful.

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All you need to do is to print off the printable (fill out the form below to get it). Then send this to the hostess with your host pack. She can qualify for a prize by completing all the tasks in a row and there’s a special prize if she completes the whole bingo board.

The tasks are all designed to help your event be a success and you can follow up with your host a few times with reminders for the pre-party tasks (just a quick SMS or Facebook message is fine).

Obviously you’ll also need a few prizes. They don’t need to be expensive. You could

choose products that you have been able to get for free or cheaply, you can grab some wine or chocolates if you don’t have products, or have some fabulous flowers delivered to her.

Party Games for Direct SellersParty Games for Direct Sellers

Games are an awesome secret weapon for your parties. They help guests to relax and have fun. They help you to get your booking or recruiting message across. Games also help to keep your parties fresh because with a big stash of games you can always mix things up for repeat guests.

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