Host Coaching Helpers

Title: Host Coaching Helpers

Host coaching is a critical element to the success of your business: the more engage your host, the better the results at your parties will be.

When I was new to direct sales, I deliberately focused on improving my own host coaching and I noticed a massive increase in attendance which led to higher sales, bookings, and recruiting leads.

It all flowed from that important first step: hostess coaching.

When you do hostess coaching well, you’ll  also notice fewer cancellations and no-shows.

In this article I present 3 ‘helpers’ to assist you with your own host coaching.

Host Coaching Helpers for direct sellers

I have 3 host coaching helpers for you:

  1. FRANK list
  2. Spoil You Rotten Bag
  3. Star Host

So, first up is FRANK.

Even if you already know FRANK, I’ll teach you a little trick to supercharge its effectiveness.

The reason you want to use FRANK is that the most successful parties include guests from the host’s different circles of friends.

By inviting different people from different circles, you gain access to new circles.

It will also reduce the chance that invitees decline as they’ve been at a recent party already (which would also impact sales), and chances of multiple bookings are higher as the guests feel they have plenty of their own friends in their network to invite to their own party.

FRANK stands for Friends, Relations, Acquaintances, Neighbors, and Kid’s contacts.

Using the free worksheet (download below), you can help the host to come up with a list of names. It’s a simple but incredibly effective process to prompt someone to think of all their networks or circles.

However, you can boost the usefulness of the FRANK list even further by using the Friend field to include friends-of-friends. Most of us have met our friends’ connections but we may not know them well enough to invite them directly.

But what you tell your host to do is to actually ask her friend to bring this person along: “Don’t you think Chris would like this too?” or “I think Samantha would enjoy this party too, why don’t you bring her along?” A great way to encourage this is to provide the host with written personalized invitations that the friend can then pass along to their connections.

Doing it this way will work much better than just saying “bring a friend” to the people that are invited. That is too broad and open an invitation and too easy to ignore.

Admit it, you have ignored it in the past! We all have. However, if your host asks her friend “why don’t you invite Jasmine too?”, the friend will likely feel obligated to follow through and actually invite Jasmine.

That’s why you want to coach your host to use the FRANK worksheet and actually name friends-of-friends on the list.

Grab the host coaching bundle to make your direct sales parties a success.

Star Host & Spoil You Rotten Bag
Next up are the Star Host and Spoil You Rotten Bag incentives.

These are tools to incentivize the host to invite plenty of people, to encourage friends to place pre-party orders and to encourage further party bookings.

You will need to come up with some incentives: some small prizes or prize packs that you give the host when they’ve achieved the goals that you’ve set. Cheap company products or products that you’ve qualified for through incentive programs are ideal to use.

If you don’t have anything suitable, create your own little prize pack with a few luxury chocolates, a pen & notebook, a candle, etc. Put them in an attractive mug or basket and wrap up with cellophane and a ribbon. It doesn’t have to be hugely expensive, presentation is key though.

The best way to use the Spoil You Rotten Bag is to staple the printable to an actual pretty paper bag and send that to the host as part of their host pack. The idea is that the bag will be filled with the prizes at the party.

As a bonus, the other guests will also see how the host is earning free gifts, which could lead to more bookings at your party.

The Star Host printable just needs to printed and sent to your host with your host pack before the party. This way the host knows beforehand what is needed to qualify for their free gift and will begin working towards it. And by doing that she’ll ensure that you and her have a successful party!

I personally change over the incentive tool I use each month to keep it fresh. So one month I’ll be using the Spoil You Rotten Bag and the next month I’ll change to the Star Host incentive.

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