How happy mail can grow your direct sales biz

Title: How happy mail can grow your direct sales biz

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever been given in business (and life) is that people might not remember what you say, but they’ll remember how you make them feel.

I’ve always kept this philosophy in mind as I’ve built my multi-million dollar direct sales empire.

One of the most powerful ways I’ve applied this philosophy to my biz is what I call ‘happy mail’. The intention is to make people feel happy, valued, and recognized.

Originally all the happy mail I sent was via the post. It’s so rare to get anything but bills via the post these days, so receiving something fun in the letterbox is a delightful surprise and can lift someone’s day.

I used to love receiving handwritten postcards or letters in the mail growing up, and now it’s a rarity that it’s become a powerful gesture.

Snail mail or messages?

However, as my business grew and became global, that personal touch wasn’t as scalable as I’d have liked. I still send 30 to 50 bits of mail per month, but now I’ve extended the concept to include virtual.

Remembering my philosophy that the most important job in my business is to make people feel good, I’ve decided that ‘happy mail’ can also be virtual. But I ensure the messages are personal, genuine, and heartfelt. I send messages via email, WhatsApp or Messenger every week. The messages are always unexpected and very feel-good in content.

They are well-received and a powerful way to help my direct sales business be successful.

These days, most of my happy mail is to my team, but I still make sure I acknowledge and brighten the day of my loyal personal customers. Because that’s how you build a loyal customer base in the first place!

To make the process easier for me and to keep track of things, I created a tracker. I set a daily goal for posts and messages to send, and the tracker helps me to keep this as a business habit and helps me to reach a variety of people with my sparks of joy. I keep 2 trackers, one for my team and one for my customers. Download an example below.

I also keep a box of postcards stocked and ready to be used. If I notice that a customer or team member has a special event (often on social media), I am ready to acknowledge the occasion. I always have engagement, wedding, graduation, sympathy, new baby, and congratulations cards available.

I have one particularly loyal customer who will never forget that I was one of only 3 who sent her an engagement card. I also have a very appreciative team member who won’t forget I was the only person who sent her a sympathy card when her beloved horse died.

Happy Mail grows your direct sales biz

Always keep in mind that we’re in the relationship business. Acknowledging big happenings in people’s lives is important to strengthen your connections. And it makes you feel good too!

When you’re thinking about happy mail for your team, remember that it doesn’t always have to be about recognizing top achievers. Also, look for people who’ve put in an enormous effort or stepped out of their comfort zone. Perhaps acknowledge and thank people for contributing to your events or people who are positive and helpful on your team pages.

The opportunity to make a positive difference and have an impact on someone is plentiful when you approach your business with a grateful, happy heart.

Let me know what you send out in the comments as ‘happy mail’!

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