How to double your bookings

Bookings, bookings, bookings! In direct sales or party plan it’s all about the bookings. So, would you like to double your bookings? Of course you would!

You can seriously increase your bookings by starting a ‘Host Club’. Even if you already run a club or group for customers, add a Host Club to your tool box as well.

What is a ‘Host Club’?

The Host Club is for people who book a number of parties with you throughout the year. How many parties someone needs to book before they’re invited to the host club is up to you.

It depends on how many catalogs per year your company launches and on what your average party value is. So you need to carefully think this through but for most consultants 2 parties in a year is a good number.

Why does a host want to be in a Host Club?

To make people want to join your Host Club, you have to make it extra special for them to be a club member.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Invite them to a special function at the end of the year.
  • Offer awards such as “Host of the Quarter” or “Host of the Year” or “Host with Highest Party Sales” or most “Host with Most Outside Orders”. You can create a “Hall of Fame” for your hosts!
  • They are the first to know about special offers, new products, new catalogs, or discounts.
  • They are given the first opportunity to book with you for special releases or seasonal dates.
  • Offer a special gift when they book a second and third party in the year. Depending on what you sell you could offer them to collect a range of products that go together.
  • Offer ‘party points’ to hosts. Points could be awarded for number of parties, sales, bookings, outside orders, etc. At the end of the year you can announce the top three and give them some special prize.

The investment of your time will pay off massively if you make them love your host club with all the special opportunities and recognition.

Shout it from the roof tops

Make sure you ‘advertise’ the existence of your host club. Mention it in any newsletter that you send out, in your customer group on Facebook and mention it at your in-home parties.

When you call past hosts make sure you mention that they could join the host club if they book another party with you.

The better you look after your hosts, the stronger your business will be and you’ll easily double the number of parties you’re holding.

Kick start January with your Host Club

PIN: Double your bookings with a host club

To kick start your year in January, heavily ‘advertise’ your host club in the peak trade season before Christmas. Give everybody who parties with you during that time an opportunity to join the host club if they also book a party in January – even if that means lowering your requirements a bit. It’ll be worth it to start your year with a full diary.

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