How to overcome: I can’t afford it

This is part 1 in the “How to Overcome” series that delves into how to deal with objections when you’re looking for new team members for your direct sales biz.

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“I’m sorry, but I can’t afford to join…”

If you have done any sales or tried to recruit people to your company, you will have heard this.

It’s such a common sales objection that if you haven’t heard it, you haven’t been selling!

And even when you’re recruiting, you’re selling. You’re “selling” the business opportunity. You’re selling a lifestyle.

What are people really saying?

Before looking at how to deal with the objection, let’s have a look at why someone might have said it:

  1. They genuinely can’t afford it. Sometimes people really don’t have the money to join your business or buy a high-value item even though they would like to.
  2. They have the money but they have other things in mind to spend that money on. Your offer isn’t a high enough priority for them. They are really saying: “I can’t afford to spend money on something that I don’t think is very important….”
  3. They have the money but they can’t see the value of your offer. They are really saying: “I can’t afford to spend money on things that have no value to me…”
  4. They have another worry or concern that makes them believe it won’t work for them. In that case what they’re really saying is: “I don’t’ think this will work for me so it would be a waste of money. And I can’t afford to waste that money….”

How to deal with each reason

1: They genuinely can’t afford it

If someone is genuinely interested but really can’t afford your offer, keep them as a lead.

You could ask when a good time is to contact them again and schedule a follow up that suits them better. In fact, you could still make your offer, saying something like: “That’s okay, you don’t have to join right now. I’d still like to share the business opportunity with you for the future. How about we have a coffee and a chat?” This is a low pressure conversation (because you’ve already agreed they don’t need to join right now) and could lead to a future recruit.

More importantly, if the real reason was number 2 or 3 and they do agree to your coffee-and-a-chat proposal, you now have a second chance to present the value of your offer and change their priorities.

2 & 3: They can’t see the value

You haven’t made the value of your offer clear to your leads and they’ve told you that they ‘can’t afford it’.

When you present your offer, you need to find a way to present the benefits that will appeal to your leads. If you do get another chance to speak with your lead, ensure you listen.

You want to enrich their lives with your offer, so find out where it is that your offer adds value to their lives. If they can’t see the value, they won’t buy (or join). And if your offer doesn’t add value to their lives you have no business selling to them.

4: They actually have another worry

You need to find out what’s actually worrying them. You could ask something like: “Do you mind if I ask, if it wasn’t for the money would you go ahead? Or is there something else that might cause you to hesitate?”

You want them to tell you what’s holding them back, so again good listening skills come into play here. Especially if they haven’t fully articulated the worry or concern to themselves, let alone to you. Once they tell you their concern or worry, you can address that.

How to respond effectively and honestly to recruiting objections. #DirectSales #PartyPlanListen….

As you can see, it’s vital to listen carefully to what people tell you so you can find out the real reason behind the objection.

You don’t have to be a sleazy salesperson to be a good seller, in fact don’t be.

But, to be great at selling, you need to be great at listening.


Recruiting is a skill that you can learn!

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