Improve your follow-up strategy with this 1 trick

I have a confession to make… I used to be dreadful at follow-up.

I’d forget to call people back or forget when people wanted me to check in again with them. Because I had bits of paper with people’s details scattered around my office in no particular order. And I’d regularly lose the information altogether.

I was disorganized and inconsistent when it came to follow-up.

That is, until I started using a “leads book”. And you might need one too:

  • If you’re like me back then – disorganized and using bits of paper of record phone numbers
  • If you struggle to remember what you talked about the last time you spoke to them
  • If you’re not sure when you last spoke to them and worry about calling them too often…

…you need a leads book!

What is a leads book?

A leads book is simply a notebook for your booking and recruiting leads. It sounds simple, but it works!

You use the leads book to keep track of all the people you have spoken to about hosting a party or joining the business.

Or if you prefer you can split this into 2 books – that’s what I do nowadays.

Using your leads book effectively

Allocate 1 page to each person you speak to about recruiting or hosting a party. You can add brief notes to that page every time you speak to them.

Remember to add the date for every contact you have – that way you know precisely when you talked to them last and what you discussed.

Also include personal information you know about them such as names and ages of children, life events such as holidays or getting married, and other important information. That way you can quickly call them to mind before you make a call or send a message.

You leave their name in your book until they tell you they are not interested in joining your team or hosting a party.

Improve your follow-up strategy with this one trick: a leads book for all your recruiting or host leads. #directsales #directselling

When they say “No“, remember to ask them if that’s a no for now or forever. Ask them if it’s okay to keep them informed about any new offers that come up (or invite them to your VIP customer group) and if it’s okay to get in touch from time to time. If they say “yes” to that, you leave their page in your leads book.

Don’t worry if some people stay in your leads book for a long time. It happens. Sometimes it’s just a matter of timing. I have members in my team that I was following up with from my leads book for 3 years before they joined!

But by having their details in my trusty leads book, I didn’t have to rely on bits of paper or my memory. I had all the details together and always knew when I’d last spoken to them.

Bonus Tip: Ask people for their birthdays and add that information to your leads book. Then on their birthday send them a discount voucher. That’s a great way to stay in touch with leads, encouraging them to contact you again to redeem their voucher.

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  1. I can not thank you enough for all the great ideas you share and your honesty of what youโ€™ve struggled with in your business!!! Yes, I can only afford the โ€˜freeโ€™ stuff and I promise I am eternally grateful for it all, but I hope for someday in the near future, being able to afford some of your bundles you offer! Again, THANK YOU โ€˜๐Ÿ˜˜

    1. You’re welcome Tanya! I’m so glad you’re finding value in the blog and resources I provide. Keep going for your dreams beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

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