Top Tips to Maximize pre-Christmas Sales

Do you sell a product that appeals to women?

If so, you can make a lot of pre-Christmas sales with this clever tip that doesn’t require parties!

What you need to do is to create three beautifully presented product bundles at three different price points.

3 Bundles at 3 Price Points

You create a low-priced, medium-priced, and high-priced bundle. Of course, the exact prices depend on your particular product, but as a rough guide, you could aim for a $50 bundle, a $100 bundle, and a $250 bundle.

You then take these pre-prepared bundles with you to show at workplaces in your town that are generally staffed by men.

If you show up with three beautifully presented packs and offer to make Christmas super easy for them with this ready-made gift for their girlfriend, wife, or mother, they’ll likely be thrilled!

I’ve found that keeping it simple with only three options works best with the most sales. You might consider offering bundles in multiple colors or scents – if your product lends itself to that – but I find that making the decision easy for them tends to work better.

In addition to going around to workplaces, you can also take some beautiful photos of your gift packs and offer them on your business page and in customer groups.

The key to making this easy for you is to allow a little freedom in the products you put in each pack. I tell customers I can make a gift pack, presented just as beautifully as the samples, to the same value with similar contents. That way, I’m not restricted when some products sell out quickly in the Christmas rush. You can avoid the headache of stock availability by promising the same quality and value but allowing the freedom to swap out items.

Have a little stock on hand

As you get closer to the date when your company can no longer guarantee pre-Christmas delivery, you can stock up on your gift pack items to continue selling some ready-made gift packs to last-minute shoppers.

Whatever packs you have left over after Christmas will come in handy around Mother’s Day or you can re-bundle items as booking incentives in January or even hold a prize draw. I’m sure you can find a way to use ‘leftovers.’

Secrets to making these tips work well

Maximize Pre-Christmas Sales (without parties)

The two secrets to making this strategy work well are presentation and marketing.

The presentation must be perfect. You need to make your gift packs look gorgeous and high-quality.

The second secret is marketing – you are marketing this to men who want a beautiful gift for the women in their lives but also want the shopping to be easy.

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