Maximize your displays for recruiting.

Did you know that 70% of people naturally prefer absorbing information visually?

This statistic gives us a powerful way to spark interest in joining your team. Below are some suggestions for maximizing your display to promote the business opportunity.

Display Space

First and foremost, it’s important to ensure you allocate enough space to promote the business opportunity.

The #1 mistake most direct sellers make when it comes to their display at parties or showings is that they dedicate it entirely to products and maybe some party bookings.

The rule I work by is the rule of thirds: A third of your display space should be dedicated to the business opportunity, another third should be dedicated to party bookings and the final third is used to showcase products.

Making this relatively small shift in your display will significantly impact your business!

What to display

Although I encourage you to be creative with your display, keep in mind that you don’t want it to be cluttered! The key message needs to be clear. Here are some display ideas:

A storyboard used in a direct sales opportunity display.
Example of a storyboard
  • Use a big bow on a ‘position vacant’ sign. I like to use a ridiculously oversized bow because it sends the message that the business opportunity is a gift and at the same time it attracts people’s attention.
  • Attach cash to your opportunity display. If you can afford to use actual bank notes, it will have a stronger psychological impact, but you can use fake cash too. I like to display the amount of cash a consultant earns at a party. Make sure you mention that the amount is the typical amount earned! I like to ask guests to think of what they’d do with that extra cash, and I usually mention how wonderful it is that you can earn that money for a couple of hours of fun. Fill out the form below to grab some display cash for US, UK, Canadian and Australian bank notes.
  • Pop a storyboard on your opportunity display. A storyboard is a collage that you display to show the benefits of the business and the lifestyle it can support. Your images can include the friendships you’ve made, the family holiday you could afford from the business, incentive trips you’ve qualified for, prizes you’ve won, recognition, etc. During the party, you can share the story behind some images to bring the storyboard to life. A storyboard also acts as powerful social proof!

These ideas are just a starting point. Your business displays are limited only to your imagination and creativity.

My bonus tip: change your recruiting displays often – you never know if a different display showing a different angle of the business opportunity will spark interest in a repeat guest.

If your display is always the same, it will stop impacting repeat guests – it’ll become ‘background noise’ for them.

So make sure you have a few different things you can display and talk about.

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