Pass the Gift

Title: Party Game: Pass the GiftPass the Gift is my all time favorite party game!

It’s easy to do, it’s low-stress and it’s a great way to involve all the guests, whether they know each other or not.

What you need

  • A gift
  • The Pass the Gift rhyme (download below)

The gift can be anything you like. If your company has samples available, that would make a great gift, or some cheaper products, or even chocolates or candles or something similar.

I usually have a few small gift bags handy so I can quickly create a gift and I’m ready to go.

How to Play

All you have to do is read out the rhyme and together with the group decide who should get the gift next. It’s a little bit like the children’s game Pass the Parcel. But with less wrapping.
The game works very well as an ice-breaker at the start of your parties.

Grab the rhyme below:

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If you try this game at your next party, let us know in the comments how you went!

Low-stress party game for your direct selling party. Grab the free printable and play!







Party Games for Direct Sellers

Party Games for Direct SellersGames are an awesome secret weapon for your parties. They help guests to relax and have fun. They help you to get your booking or recruiting message across. Games also help to keep your parties fresh because with a big stash of games you can always mix things up for repeat guests.

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