Planner Love

Title: Planner Love. How I put all my knowledge, experience & positivity in a planner

I don’t know about you, but I feel so much better when I feel that my work and family life are balanced and I manage to keep all the balls in the air.

In my early days in my business I was working full time, running my business and studying a Masters Degree. I had to be structured with my time otherwise I couldn’t do any of it!

Later, when I worked in my direct sales business full-time, I had to work around small children and find a way to organize myself so that when I did have pockets of time, I could be effective.

You need to be organized and balanced in your direct sales business

I know how important it is to be organized but also to balance your efforts. I’ve experienced times I was focusing too much on sponsoring new team members and growing my team. As a result I ran out of party bookings. Oops!

I’ve also been through times where I didn’t do enough host coaching and I saw my sales drop. Another oops.

It’s important to not just be organized and well planned, but to make sure you pay attention to all aspects of your direct sales business!

To do this, I created systems for myself. This has massively improved things but the downside was that I always had bits of paper everywhere. I used to have multiple notebooks on the go and my office was an art work of sticky notes.

Over the past decade (!) I’ve been looking for a system to keep it all organized and keep me on track.

And I’ve finally decided to design my own ideal direct sales planner.

My own direct sales planner

Direct Sales Planner 2022

I have literally tried dozens of different planners over the years and they were never quite right. But this planner has everything you could possibly want. I’ve specifically designed it for party plan and direct sales consultants and it’s way more than just a planner. Calling it a planner is almost an insult!

I’ve recently completed a Positive Psychology course and I’ve included some important features that will help boost your wellbeing, not just your business! You don’t need the scientific proof to know that the happier you are, the more your business will thrive (but the proof does exist, if you were wondering).

I use mine as a goal journal, scheduler, marketing idea tracker, social media planner, follow-up tracker, monthly contact tracker, host coaching monitor……and so much more.

My absolute favorite feature is the weekly planning page. I can pop all my tasks for each important area of my business at the top (that helps me to keep all the balls in the air) and I can schedule them into my busy week.

And by planning your top 3 priorities each day, you are always training your brain to move forward productively towards your goals.

Each month has an intentions page (2 sides). By completing this page at the start of each month, you will focused, intentional and organized. Planning ahead like this helps you to make the most of the ‘Pareto Principle‘ which states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. (To get to that last 20% of your results, you put in 80% of efforts – is it worth it?).

The more prior planning and thought you put into the month ahead, the more effective you’ll be and the faster your business will grow.

Make sure you plan your rewards too! Positive psychologists have found that celebrating small wins along the way towards your larger goals is super important.

Celebration is the oxygen of big potential

Shawn Achor

There’s also room for your affirmations, positive thoughts or quotes each month, this helps to prime your brain for positivity and helps to keep you motivated. And – more importantly – by priming your brain for positivity, you’re officially 37% better at sales!

Reflections page & room for notes and ideas

At the end of each month we’ve also included a reflection page. Tracking your progress is very rewarding, especially when you can look back and see your progress over several months.

Spending time thinking about what went well as well as how you can improve, will help you to refine, become more effective and grow your direct sales business faster.

A lot of love, thought and experience has gone into the design of this planner. I hope you love it as much as I do and use every feature to its full extent to help you move your life forward!

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