Recruiting in Online Events

Recruiting from your online events can be a fabulous way to grow your business. But, unfortunately, most direct sellers don’t mention recruiting at all or just post 1 thing about the business opportunity at a Facebook party and believe they’ve done all that’s necessary to let recruits flow in.

It doesn’t quite work like that. Unfortunately.

My rule of thumb is to use 1/3 of your ‘display’ to be dedicated to the business opportunity, 1/3 to bookings, and 1/3rd to the products. With in-home parties I mean that quite literally, 1/3 of your display should be dedicated to promoting the business, and with Facebook parties I make about 1/3 of my posts related to the business.

It’s unlikely that your Facebook party guests see every single post that you put at the party. Not to mention, people need to see something multiple times before they take action. So don’t worry about having too many posts about joining or bookings.

Just to be sure, I’m not encouraging you to post the exact same thing several times! Be a bit creative, highlight different benefits, and try to reach different types of people with your posts.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Don’t rely solely on posts in your Facebook party. It’s super effective to go ‘Live’ during your event, preferably a few times! The Facebook Algorithm prioritizes Lives, so it’s likely many of the guests will see it!

Live videos will help the guests will form more of a connection with you as a person rather than thinking of you as Salesperson X of Company Y. A Live video also gives you the opportunity to talk about the business opportunity with enthusiasm and passion, which are hard to capture in a status update.

Doing this Live will help you to reach more people and have more of an impact – it’s the difference between reading about something and watching a video about it with images and sound. It’ll allow you to show your passion and enthusiasm and become an actual person rather than a name on a screen!

If you’re not confident enough yet to go Live, pre-record a video in which you talk about the business opportunity. This way, you can do it multiple times until you’re happy with it. It’s not as effective as the Facebook algorithm, but it’s the next best thing. And it’s just as effective in building trust and a connection with people!

Here are some prompts to help you talk about your business opportunity:

  • What do you love most about your direct sales biz?
  • Why did you join?
  • How much does it cost to get started?
  • What benefits are there to starting right now?
  • What can they earn from an average party or event?
  • What else can they earn as a consultant?

You might not want to put all those things in your video or Live and rather talk about some of these topics in a post.

A critical component of success in your business is following up

Thinking ahead and planning for follow-up is vital when you’re doing online events. To be able to follow up, you’ll need contact details. You want to connect with them in a different way from Facebook posts to make it more personal. Here are some ideas to help you get those contact details:

Google Forms or Survey Monkey

I like to create a Lucky Door Prize entry form and encourage guests to fill out the form at the start of the party and will remind them throughout the event to fill out the form to go in the draw. At the end of the event I draw a winner who will get a small prize or a discount.

The advantage of a form or survey is that you can ask other questions too, such as an offer to provide more information on joining your direct sales business.

You could create a ‘tick box’ style question like this:
Tell me how I can:
– earn free products
– get an ongoing discount
– earn cash as a social seller to family and friends
– run a lucrative side hustle
– build a serious business

Connect via Messenger

It’s very helpful during the Facebook party to be able to send private messages to the guests. However, if you’ve never connected before, the guests are unlikely to even see your messages.

Recruiting tips for online events

By offering ‘Party Points’ or a mystery prize winner to one lucky guest who sends you an emoji or hello to you, you make that initial connection in Facebook Messenger. Once you are connected, guests will see future messages from you. Make it easy for guests to actually connect with you by sharing your unique Messenger link, which you can find in your profile in the Messenger app. It’ll look something like

I hope this article has given you a few ideas to improve your recruiting from online events. If there’s a tip you’d like to share, leave it below in the comments!

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