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Recruiting games you can play at your next direct selling event. Grab the FREE printable too.When I first started my direct sales business I didn’t play any games of any type at my parties. I thought that my guests would find them childish or just not fun.

I had been to party plan events with other companies and I had been asked to walk like a chicken or sing a line from my favorite song – and I hated it. I was out of my comfort zone then and I didn’t want to do that my guests.

So I avoided all games for quite some time.

But when I was encouraged to try and play some games that respected people’s comfort zones and focused on having fun, my results were amazing!

Guests were more relaxed and I got more bookings and more leads for potential new team members too. So that’s why I am encouraging you now to give games a try.

Recruiting games are especially helpful for anyone who is not yet confident talking about the business opportunity in a more direct way. Planning to play a recruiting game at your parties also ensures you don’t forget to bring up the business opportunity at all (which we’ve all done!).

Games are a fun and relaxed way to introduce the career options, without being“salesy” or pushy. Guests are likely to be more receptive to the message when it’s shared in a fun way.

There are two important things to remember when playing games at your direct selling event:

  • Have a little fun with it. That means you have to keep up a good pace, don’t slog through it slowly but don’t rush either. Make some jokes and be a bit silly (just a bit).
  • Make the game yours so it fits with your style and your personality (and your company and products).

Today I have 2 recruiting games for you that have worked well for me, so give them a try.

Recruiting Rhyme

If any selling you have done before, put down 10 to start your score.
If you have a car and are able to drive, the thing to do is just add 5.
If some extra money is what you would like, add 10 more which is just about right.
A little spare time will add to your score, for this, you may add 15 more.
If you like people and think they are grand, add 5 more and see where you stand.
Add 10 points if you think parties are fun, and when you add this you are almost done.
If you score the highest, it is plain to see a Company Name consultant is what you should be.
Add 25 more if you want to be a Company Name consultant, like me….learn how you can make money and get lots of products for free!

Use these 2 recruiting games at your direct sales party to have some fun and increase your recruits.To play this game, simply give each guest a piece of paper to keep track of their score as they listen to you recite the following poem. Anyone who adds the 25 points at the end should be followed up with about the business opportunity.

You can also add some small prizes (small incentives, chocolates, etc.) for high scores.

Ask me about my job

This is a game that I play at the end of the party when people have well and truly ‘warmed up’.

I set a timer for 2 minutes to make sure it doesn’t drag on. You encourage guests to ask you about your job as a party plan consultant. You reward a question that relates to being a consultant with a (chocolate) prize or a raffle ticket (with a raffle prize drawn at the end). I usually throw (gently!) the chocolate prizes to the guests to keep the momentum going and add a bit of activity.

Sometimes nobody wants to be first and nobody asks you a question. The way to get the ball rolling is to act like an auctioneer and ask yourself a question. Like an opening bid. Make it funny and guests will pretty quickly join in.

Keep your answers short and succinct, don’t overwhelm people with too much information at one time.

Now grab the FREE recruiting rhyme printable that you can use at your next party.

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Please let me know how you get on with the recruiting games. And if you play any different recruiting games at your parties, can you tell us about them?

Party Games for Direct Sellers

Party Games for Direct SellersGames are an awesome secret weapon for your parties. They help guests to relax and have fun. They help you to get your booking or recruiting message across. Games also help to keep your parties fresh because with a big stash of games you can always mix things up for repeat guests.

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