Revitalize an inactive team

Sometimes teams lose their mojo. They grow stale and inactive. They’ve lost the spark.

Are you part of such a team? Or are you a leader with this problem?

Here’s the solution to kick-start a team into action: hold a mega party!

Mega parties will help an inactive team to get a lot of sales quickly, but more importantly, get bookings and potential new team members to get their business rolling again.

What’s a Mega Party?

Mega parties are large parties where multiple team members book tables that they are responsible for filling with guests. Sales and bookings are taken by the consultant who’s invited that guest.

Usually, one person (a team leader perhaps) runs the party while the team members at each table make sure they have relevant products, samples, and information available for the guests.

To make your mega party a success here are some tips:

Excite Your Team
A Mega Party will only work if your team is excited to make it a success. That means that if you’re the driver behind the party, you’ll need to be excited and put a little energy into getting your team behind the idea.

Lucky Door Prize
Who doesn’t like a Lucky Door Prize? Have each team member contribute a low-value product to create a Lucky Door Prize. Also, use some of the products as booking incentives or prizes for games during the party.

If you need to cover costs, you may need to charge a small fee. For example, you can use an online booking site such as Trybooking or Eventbee to let guests buy tickets. Or you can have your team members sell tickets for their tables.

You might think guests won’t want to pay to attend, but if you keep the fee low and the value of the party high, you won’t find it a problem. You can offer value in terms of discounts or complimentary products, but also consider make-overs, allowing guests to try out (new) products or informative demonstrations.

An advantage of charging a small fee is that guests that have booked are more likely to attend. You’ll find that cancellations and no-shows won’t be a  big problem.

In the ticket price, I like to include a glass of champagne for each guest for that special party feeling.

Personal Sales
Mega Parties are a great use of your time as they not only reinvigorate your team, but you can make personal sales too. Make sure you keep a table for your guests so you can make some sales at the event too.

Other uses for Mega Parties

  • For new team members: New team members may lack the confidence or skills to secure bookings from their parties. They may not yet feel confident enough to discuss the business opportunity. Mega Parties are a fabulous tool to help them out. Not only will this help your new team members’ business, but they also get to watch you run a party and learn from you.
  • New catalog launches: A new catalog is a fabulous ‘excuse’ to hold a Mega Party. The attraction for guests is that they get to sample new products and have a look at the new catalog.
  • Fundraisers: Mega Parties are a great way to do a fundraising event. You could choose to donate a percentage of your profits or ticket sales. Just make it clear to your guests how you contribute to the charity.

To get started, call your inactive team members today to get them excited. Then get organizing!

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