The “Have You Ever” Game

The "Have you ever...?" game for direct sales parties.

The “Have you ever…?” game is an easy and fun game to play at your direct sales events.

It works really well as an ice-breaker and you can play it in-home or online. When I play this game it always gets people talking and sharing funny stories.

To keep the game going I usually have a bag of wrapped candies or chocolates with me that I throw to the people who are paying attention and are ready for the next question. That way if the talking goes on for too long, I can get the game moving again. Because when chocolates start flying around the room, people will soon check to see what’s happening!

In a Zoom party you’ll have to moderate carefully and make sure people don’t all talk at the same time. It’s probably a game that’s more suitable for smaller online parties.

I have a list of ‘Have you ever…?’ questions ready to go for you but you don’t need to use all of the questions. Pick and choose depending on your guests and on how long you want to play.

What you need to play “Have you ever…?” at your direct sales parties

  • Game sheet with questions (download below)
  • 2 Small prizes (one for the winner and one for the loser or ‘winner in reverse’)
  • Pen and paper for the guests to track their score
  • Optional: wrapped candies

All you need to do to play is pick some of the questions of the list and read them out. Tell the guests the points for each question so they can track their score. The last question should always be “Have you ever been to a … (your company)… party before?”. That way you can identify repeat guests that clearly like your products!

The winner gets a small prize and you can also give a prize to the loser or the ‘winner in reverse’ as I like to call it. In an online party, the prize could be a free sample, a free product with their order or something similar. In my company’s catalog there are a few products that are small and easy to pop in the post so I use those as prizes in my online parties. As an advantage I can send a little thank-you note with it and it’s usually quite well received and keeps me in their minds.

I’d love to hear your ‘Have you ever…?’ questions that are suitable for direct sales parties so I can update the sheet with more questions. Let me know in the comments below!

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