Grow your direct sales team with the investment game

Title: The Investment Game (in-home party game)

The Investment Game is in-home game for party plan consultants or direct seller with some bonus benefits for your business.

Especially if you’re nervous about individually asking everyone at a party if they would like to host their own party or join your team, you want to add this game to your stash!

It’s also a genius way to boost your customer Facebook group.

What’s not to love?

How to prepare for The Investment game

You’ll need a bunch of coins of the same denomination. It doesn’t matter which coin you use, it can even be money from a board game. You’ll need one for each guest.

Business Opportunity Bags for your direct sales biz.
Business Opportunity Bags

Prepare some business opportunity bags. Use a pretty paper bag and put company information, a kit list, and perhaps your story in there. Add a chocolate and a specialty tea bag and you have yourself a lovely business opportunity bag.

Party bags are similar to the business opportunity bags but contain information on hosting a party. You’ll want to include any host offers that are available, a catalog and perhaps a product sample. If you have any hosting incentives you’ll want to add that information as well.

You also need a Facebook group for your customers to join into.

How to make the most of The Investment Game

As everyone arrives at your party, give them a coin. It can be any coin but let’s use pennies in this example. Tell the guests to put it away for now but to keep it safe as they’ll need it later.

At the end of the party I’ll say something like:

“I bet you’re all wondering what that penny is for that I gave you at the beginning of the party?

Well, I have actually given you a magical coin….you can turn this penny into free or discounted products when you buy one my party bags with your penny.

Or you could instead buy membership into my VIP customer group and you’ll be the first to hear about specials and sales.

The best way to use the magic of that coin is to turn it into cash income every month by purchasing a business opportunity bag to find out about becoming a consultant. I only have three of those tonight, so get in quick to get one of those!

Have a think about how you’ll invest your magical penny. We have shopping time right now and when you’re done please make your way to the checkout here to cash in your investment!”

When they come to check out, you can ask something like:

The Investment Game: an in-home party game with benefits for direct sellers
  • How would you like to invest your coin?
  • Would you like to buy the last business opportunity bag?
  • Would you like to use your penny to buy a party bag?
  • How about turning that penny into VIP Customer Group membership?

Some people are more comfortable saying this than coming straight out and asking for a party or asking for business information. When people are happy to join your VIP group, it’s easy to get them added on the spot with their phone.

This is a great game to play for new consultants. If you’re a leader you might consider teaching this to your new team members to help them grow their business.

Are you looking for even more games? Have a look at the Ultimate Games Bundle for Direct Sellers. The bundle includes 26 games for in-home and Facebook parties. Each game is explained in a video and all the printables and images are ready to download.

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