Facebook Party Game: Treasure Hunt

Title: Facebook party treasure hunt

To make your direct sales Facebook parties a success you need interaction from the guests.

There are lots of ways to stimulate interaction (check this article for some information and ideas), with games being a favorite.

Today’s Facebook party game is a treasure hunt. And at the end of the treasure hunt there’s a prize, of course.

The treasure hunt isn’t just fun to do and leads to a prize, the advantage for you is that it nudges guests to check the catalog, videos, or your company website. You encourage them to interact with company materials they might have otherwise skipped!

What you need for the Facebook Treasure Hunt

  • A Facebook party
  • A prize, a discount, free delivery, or a 2-for-1 deal – a ‘treasure’ that your guests can win when they find all the clues
  • Clues
  • Videos and images to go with your treasure hunt posts
  • All relevant links to the catalog, company website or company videos.

How to set up the treasure hunt

The treasure hunt is played over the duration of your Facebook party. It works best over several days. You set up a series of clues for which the guests need to do something to find the answer. Once they’ve found the answers, they win a prize.

For example, if your party runs over 3 days you can create a treasure hunt with 4 questions, two for each day with winner announcements on the last day. Or if you play over 5 days you could do a clue each day and again on the last day do the winner announcements.

This isn’t a set-and-forget game. Guests will PM you with the answer so it’s not public in the comments. This means you’ll need to keep track of who’s solved which question!

At the start of the party, you announce the treasure hunt. You can do this in a video or a post. Either way, make sure you’re very clear on the rules. Include the following information:

  • How many clues there will be
  • The rules to win a prize (do they need to solve all clues? Or just one?)
  • When you’ll announce the winners
  • What the prize is (make a big deal out of this)
  • How to play (check the clue, find the answer, PM you)

Ideas for clues

Because every direct sales company is different, it’s impossible for me to write a script that you can just grab and go. But I can give you a big list of ideas so you can set-up your own treasure hunt. And once you’ve created your own treasure hunt, you can use it again and again.

I highly recommend grabbing the free printable below, it’ll help you to work through setting up your own treasure hunt and create a checklist you can use to tick off your tasks. It also comes with this list of ideas:

  • Ask a question about your welcome video at the start of your Facebook party. The answer can only be found by watching the video.
  • Ask a question about a specific page, product range, or special offer that can be found in the catalog.
  • Ask a question about a company recruiting video. They have to PM you with something they can only know by watching the whole video.
  • Ask for their favorite product of all time or their favorite product a new range.
  • Ask a question about one of your (or your company’s) how-to videos about how to use a specific product.
  • Ask guests something about the host (her favorite product, her ideal holiday, her secret ‘addiction’, etc.)
  • Ask a question that can only be answered by visiting your website (perhaps the ‘about me’ section, product ordering section, FAQ, etc.)
  • Ask a question about a specific product (benefit, ingredient, awards won, etc.) that they can find on the company website or the catalog.
  • Ask the guests to create an account on your website (some companies offer this option) and PM you with their customer number or a screenshot.
  • Ask something about the current host incentives, sales offer or joining incentive.
  • Ask guests to join your email list or VIP group.
  • Ask what’s on a specific page of the catalog (Which product is listed in the top left corner of page 5?)
  • Ask something that they can only know by reading a consultant story in the catalog or company website.
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When setting up your treasure hunt, try to create a mix of tasks. You want the guests to view the catalog and at least watch or read something related to joining. Don’t make it all about joining or the company or all about the products, try to mix it up!

For each clue, create a post with a related image. Make sure you include the links they need to solve the clue. If you can do quick videos for all or some of the clues, even better!

Now, grab the printable to set-up your own treasure hunt that you can use in your Facebook parties.

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