Your direct sales business is a gift

Your direct sales business is a gift - offer it to everyone!

The thing I love most about the direct sales industry is that we get to make a difference in people’s lives.

I’ve been in direct sales for over 17 years. My business has offered me freedom from a job I didn’t love, the freedom to work around my 3 children (and be present for every important day and milestone), and the finances to enjoy a lifestyle we love.

That’s a lot to be excited about!

When I truly understood the gift of direct sales

And even though knew I loved this business and I knew I wanted to offer it to everybody, it didn’t hit me how awesome a direct sales business really is until my daughter was diagnosed with acute leukemia at 6 years old. (*)

It was then that I understood just how much of a gift this business really is.

Because I was able to work from her hospital room and continue bringing in a good income for our family. In the kids’ cancer ward I didn’t meet any other mother who was able to continue their career….

These families had massive financial stress on top of the worries about their child.

Meanwhile, my business was a positive distraction and my team and my customers provided me (knowingly and unknowingly) with support. What precious gifts!

Offer the gift to as many people as you can

I think it’s our duty to offer the gift of our direct sales business opportunity to as many people as possible. And you don’t need to know what the gift might become for them – everybody enjoys different gifts.

Offer the gift of your business opportunity to everyone. Use this direct sales recruiting trick...

For some the gift will be friendships, for others is guilt-free shopping or a family holiday. I’ve seen women use their business to leave abusive relationships. I’ve seen women discover their strengths as they progressed on the career path.

It’s so rewarding to offer the gift to someone and watch them grow and thrive in their business.

So next time you’re tempted to skip talking about the business opportunity, remember that all you’re doing is offering them a gift. Keep that image of the gift in mind – it’s amazing how mentally freeing it is to think of recruiting that way!

Party trick

At your next party or event, place a beautifully wrapped gift in the center of your display. When someone asks “What’s in the box“, you have the perfect opportunity to talk about the gift of the business and how it’s different for everyone.

Tell them that for some the gift is a new car, for some an entirely new career, for others a bit more room in the budget…it’s like a magic present!

Offer the gift of your business opportunity to as many people as possible, perhaps you can even think of yourself as Santa for the 18+

(*) My daughter is okay now. She beat the leukemia and is a picture of health!

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