Your Secret Weapon

Title: The #1 Secret Weapon for Your Direct Sale Business

When I was looking to boost my direct sales business I realized that successful direct sellers were doing this one thing that I didn’t do at all.

Once I started doing this, my direct sales parties and online events changed overnight!

So what is that #1 secret weapon?


It’s playing games at your parties.

I know it might sound like such a little thing you might do in a party to add a bit of fun. But as it turns out, it’s a powerful way to boost your business.

Why Games Work

  1. They increase the fun-factor. This leads to more bookings and new team members.
  2. Games make you more relaxed at in-home parties too. It’s a great tool for shy or introvert party plan consultants.
  3. People tend to mentally protect themselves from marketing messages or being sold to. But games relax that mechanism because they’re having fun. That means this that games are a great tool to get your booking or recruiting messages across.
  4. Games really boost interaction in your Facebook parties. This leads to increased exposure of your posts so your party is more successful.
  5. Games help guests who don’t know each other to get to know each other, which helps them to relax and have more fun.

Psychologist Anders Hejdenberg said that “games are a way of having fun regardless of our current life situation”.

Relax Your Guests

Games help your party guests to relax, unwind and have fun.  They can forget about their day-to-day stress for a moment. And while they’re having fun you can make sure that you get your offers across to them.

Pinterest: The #1 Secret Weapon for your Direct Sales BusinessStrengthen Your Themes

Games can also help to strengthen your themes because you can tie your games to your theme. And the more you use themed parties, the more repeat bookings you’ll get because you can always offer something new and different for your guests.

Boost Facebook Parties

For Facebook parties games are a great way to increase interaction in the event. And the more likes, reactions and comments you get, the more guests will see your party’s posts. And with your posts popping up regularly in their Newsfeed, your Facebook party will be more successful. (Read more about this in this article.)

The Ultimate Games Bundle

I’m so passionate about the importance of the right type of games for direct sellers that I’ve put together an Ultimate Games Bundle. The Bundle covers everything you need to run games that are proven to actually work and are fun to play. (Not every game produces the right kind of psychological response and some can actually damage your business!)

In the bundle you’ll find:

  1. Host Coaching Games
  2. Recruiting Games
  3. Drawing Games
  4. General Games
  5. Booking Games
  6. Facebook Party Games

Each Module comes with a short video talking you through each and every game with tips on how make the most of the game and variations you can use. All the printables and images are done for you and are included in the Bundle.

Games, as simple as it may sound, are literally my #1 secret weapon. And it can work for you too.

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