6 Steps to Becoming an Organized Direct Seller

Title: 6 Steps to Becoming an Organized Direct Seller

I used to think I was just not an organized person.

I was working with different notebooks and planners, lots of post-it notes and separate printables. But I thought – like lots of people – that was just how I was…

Turns out I was wrong in the best way possible!

After going through Positive Psychology certification courses, I’ve learned that your brain is actually really changeable. You can change the things that many of us think are set in stone and ‘just part of our personality’! 

That means you can become organized. You can learn to love using a planner. You can learn to focus on the things that grow your biz!

The 6 steps in this article are backed by science and are proven to work. You’ll also find two Power Up Tips that will help you to keep moving forward in your business.

Step 1: Set Intentions

Set intentions each month.
Set intentions for your month

Set intentions each month.

Think about what you intend to accomplish through your actions this month. Studies have found that setting intentions has a significant impact on the likelihood of you following through on your goals!

Step 2: Create a Plan

Setting goals and then thinking through the steps you need to take to accomplish the goal, will help you to be organized and feel on top of your business. 

Goal setting has been quite well researched and has been found to improve the chances of you actually accomplishing your goals. Writing goals down is essential! 

But more than just setting goals, you want to think your way through the actions you need to take to get to that goal so you can be effective and avoid procrastination.

Step 3: Set Rewards

Rewarding yourself for accomplishing small steps along the way to a larger goal has been found to be more effective than rewards at the end of a project or only after achieving a major goal.

When you give yourself a reward, you are training your brain to repeat the steps you did to achieve success again. Rewards impact your brain chemistry! 

Rewards don’t have to be expensive, it can be giving yourself a few hours to do whatever you like, a bubble bath with a glass of wine, a walk in nature, a favorite food. The important thing is that it makes you feel special and rewarded for what you did.

Step 4: Break it Down

On your weekly planner you want to set 3 priorities for each day. These are the 3 things that you want to achieve that day and they relate to your goal and the action steps that you’ve defined.

By setting 3 priorities you don’t have to worry about an endless to-do list that you’ll never finish. Instead you can be proud of yourself because you’ve done three things that day to move your business forward.

The 3 priorities could be three phone calls you want to make to follow-up, it could be booking in to a vendor event or market, locations for posters that advertise your business or planning your social media content for the week… They are simply 3 achievable actions that keep you moving forward towards your goals and your action steps without feeling overwhelmed.

You will be using Pareto’s principle of focusing on the 20% of activities that bring 80% of the results and avoiding busy work.

Set priorities and keep track of all areas of your business over a week.

Step 5: Keeping all the Plates Spinning

You need a continued focus on all aspects of your business: bookings, customer care, host coaching, social media, your team, etc. This can be overwhelming and it’s easy to drop a plate…I’ve certainly done that before!

Use either a to-do list with space for each aspect of your business (download a printable here) or make space in your planner to track each area.

At the end of the week, highlight the things you didn’t get done and then move them to the priorities in the next week. That way you can prevent that plate from falling!

Step 6: Reflection

Looking back on your month will help you to plan your next month. But this last step comes with a big warning: this is not a step to skip or a  space to beat yourself up!

Many people don’t like to do reflection if they haven’t had a productive month. It’s in those cases that reflection is essential!

You might have had a month full of unexpected events that got in the way of running your business – life happens. Perhaps your goals were too ambitious or they didn’t excite you. Perhaps you got caught in a procrastination trap… it’s tempting then to skip the reflection.

But it’s actually really therapeutic to put all of that on the page and then leave it there without beating up on yourself! It’s then helpful in planning out your next month.

Power Up Tip #1: Gratitude

Studies have found that practicing 5 minutes of gratitude a day provides an equivalent increase in happiness as doubling your income!

And even better news: journaling gratitude just once a week has significant benefits.

Make time each week to think about what went well and what you are grateful for. A positive attitude and an optimistic mind are scientifically proven competitive advantages in business!

Power Up Tip #2: Positive Reach Outs

You’re in the relationship business so you want to build your ‘social capital’ – it’s your greatest asset!

A positive reach out is a message, text, phone call or postcard with encouragement, a compliment or praise. I personally also love to send cards for major life events (graduations, engagement, birth, etc.) to connect with my team and regular hosts because we get very few things in the mail these days!

If you’d like to track your positive reach outs, you can find a printable here.

If you’re in Australia, I have created a direct sales planner that uses this system. It has everything you need for the 6 steps in one pretty package!

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