Cash in on referrals

We all love cold, hard cash!

And you can use that love for cash to spark interest in your direct sales business opportunity with Referral Cash vouchers.

Referral Cash vouchers plant a strong psychological seed regarding the opportunity to make some money by joining your team and also about the opportunity to ‘cash in’ the voucher.

What is Referral Cash

Referral Cash is a type of referral voucher that someone can ‘cash in’ with you once a referral joins your direct sales team (or if they themselves join). The voucher specifies they can cash in their voucher “with their next order” to ensure an ongoing relationship with them.

Use these "referral cash" vouchers to encourage referrals in your direct sales business.

On the back of the voucher are some ideas to help them to think of who they can pass the voucher on to.

It’s worded to show the benefits of a party plan or direct sales business so it might just spark interest in them too!

I’ve found that a lot of my referral cash vouchers are cashed in by someone who decides to join themselves! When that happens I usually give them an extra voucher because they might know someone else too who might join too – they are often a great source of further leads!

These cash-like vouchers are a great psychological tool. It’s hard for people to throw away something that’s worth cash. I’ve noticed this when people join my team months after I gave them the voucher and they kept it all that time!

Referrals are a powerful, low-effort way to grow your business. For more information check this article on referral vouchers.

Grab the vouchers by filling out the form below. I’ve got 4 different currency versions to suit your needs.

Pick which two-sided voucher you want to use and print them on some nice paper. Pop your details on the back and give out the vouchers at your parties…easy!

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