Cheap, easy, and effective tips to rock your parties

If you’re new to party plan or direct selling, this article has some quick tips to rock your parties or events.

These tips are easy to apply, won’t break the bank, and will make a difference in your business.

Tip 1: Make invitations super easy

It’s essential to help the host invite guests. You want your host to succeed so she can enjoy host rewards and so you meet lots of new guests and make sales.

To help your host do this, you can provide personalized paper invitations (perhaps your company has them for you to use or make your own), or you can give pretty images and proforma text she can message via text or Messenger to her friends as an invite.

Tip 2: Looks matter

Looks are everything, and it’s your calling card and your sales display.

With a bit of attention, your displays can look great, even if arranging a display is not your strong point.

Some quick ideas:

  • Put ribbons around any towels or cloths that you might be using
  • Float some beautiful flowers in a pretty bowl for a luxurious spa feel
  • Add some candles to your display
  • Use a neat black tablecloth if you don’t have a company tablecloth. It looks stylish and professional and won’t clash with anything.
  • Make sure you devote some space to the business opportunity
  • Also, make some space to display incentives or information to encourage further bookings with you
  • For displaying information sheets or opportunity posters, a pretty frame is essential
  • Get yourself some stack display stands for small products (in a pinch, you can use a cake stand to get some height)
  • Don’t overload the display. Less is more.

Tip 3: Music is your friend when you’re new to direct sales

When you’re new to a party plan or direct selling, it may be hard to set the atmosphere. By playing some music, you set the mood immediately, and it helps to make you look professional.

You can play spa-style music or perhaps something upbeat and motivational.

The kind of music you play depends on your product or style of event. Think about the mood you want to set and choose some music accordingly.

Make sure it’s not too loud, though. You don’t want guests or yourself to shout over it!

Tip 4: Use people’s names

Use people’s names. Using a name is much more professional and friendly than “hey you” or just avoiding names altogether because you can’t remember.

You can use name tags for the guests or these strategies to remember people’s names. By using names, you show that you’re interested and that you care. 

Tip 5: After your party

The party is over. The orders are in. But you’re not done yet!

  •  Think about what you can do to wow them with something unexpected
  • Send the guests a thank-you card or message
  • Put thank-you stickers on the receipt or delivery bag or put in a thank-you note.
  • Add a little seasonal treat to the order, such as Christmas candy canes or Easter eggs.
Quick tips to rock your direct sales parties. Great tips for beginner consultants.

These are some quick tips, but the point is that they’re easy to do for brand-new party plan or direct sales consultants.

Those no longer brand new probably already apply these in your business.

Leaders: I’m curious what quick tips (cheap, easy, practical) would you give a new consultant?

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