Chocolate Extravaganza

Title: Chocolate Extravaganza (a direct sales party game and host coaching trick)

Oh. My. God. Chocolate Extravaganza is the best game for your direct sales business because it has a serious amount of chocolate and it’s a hostess coaching technique – all in one neat package!

This game can be used in any party plan or direct sales event that’s in-home, no matter what your products are.

It also lends itself to a chocolate theme for your party.

Hostess coaching with chocolate

Some hosts are a bit hesitant about reminding their guests of the upcoming direct sales party.

But by playing Chocolate Extravaganza it makes it fun for them to contact their guests as it adds a bit mystery to the call. And we all like a bit of mystery…

What you need

  • Chocolate Extravaganza scoring sheet (download below)
  • Optional: social media tile (download below) to advertise your new game online or to send to guests.

How to play

A day or two before the party, you contact your hostess and ask her to call her guests to ask them to bring a chocolate bar to the party. It doesn’t matter what kind.

For the mystery part: Don’t tell your host what you’re planning.

She will now contact her guests with the request, thereby reminding them of the party. She won’t know why you need the chocolates so that’s going to add a layer of mystery.

Add chocolate to your direct sales parties with this game and host coaching trick.

At the party, you will get everybody to bring out their chocolate bar and using the scoring sheet you allocate points for things like is it dark chocolate, does it have nuts, does it have caramel, etc.

At the end they count up the scores and the person with the highest score gets Chocolate Extravaganza as they get all the bars.

Download the scoring sheet and images below.

Let me know how you got on with the game in the comments. I love hearing about how you make games and tips your own!

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