The Magic of Themes for your Direct Sales Business

Title: The Magic of Themes in your Direct Sales Biz

If you’re not offering themes in your direct sales business, you might be missing out on lots of bookings. If you don’t offer a variety of different parties, why would someone book their own party? Been to one party, been to them all….right?

Themes help you to cater to more people

But when you offer themes, you’ve always got something different and new to offer. Themes also allow you to cater to a variety of different interests and personality types. Different people, after all, like different things!

When I first started running all my parties as themed events, I noticed that my bookings skyrocketed. Guests would work out among themselves who would host the next party so they could try another theme! It was also easier to re-book the same host because I could entice them with an entirely new party.

I put a lot of effort into making sure all my parties are distinctly different because I don’t want people to think they are going to get the ‘same old’ party with me because that will dry up bookings fast!

You can find an example of how to run a themed party in the Choctober article. You don’t have to wait until October to do this themed party, call it the “Chocoholics” party and away you go. This particular theme is suitable for almost all party plans too, you don’t have to sell chocolate!

The Devil is in the details

Wherever possible try to match your games to the theme you’re running. I take it even further and make sure my display, my towels and ribbons, etc. to match my 5 most popular themes. I store each set with relevant products – creating a little theme kit that’s easy to grab.

You also want to think about the prizes you might be using at your party and the booking incentive, if you’re using one. Make sure it all matches your theme!

As they say, the devil is in the details. If you theme your parties and make sure the details are also appropriately matched, you’ll see that guests have a whole new experience even if they’ve been to a party with you before.

Make sure you have an eye catching display to advertise your other themes. Create a list of all your themes to make it easy for people to choose from. I sometimes display my list in a frame and sometimes I pass around a laminated copy. I’ve also attached a printed list with the order form at parties.

The Magic of Themes for your Direct Sales Biz

You don’t have to create a massive list of theme options – in fact it’s better if you don’t so people don’t get overwhelmed. I recommend choosing 5 or 6 themes that you put a lot of thought into to make them awesome and really different from each other.

To add some variety to your themes, you can add seasonal themes. Make sure you advertise themes on your social media (do a Live and talk up your seasonal theme) and display it at your parties.

To help you brainstorm themes, I’ve got a big list you can download. It’s got theme ideas and some notes on how to implement them.

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